IDF, Economics and Amusing Clothing. What a Day.

Hey guys & girls,

So unfortunately for your lovely selves this is only going to be a very short one from me today, it’s nearly midnight and I’ve been writing up an interview for some 3 hours, so bed is calling.

So. Today is probably a day some of you are actually interested in.

This morning I met with Captain Rutland of the Israeli Defence Force. A very lucky man who is in charge of soldiers who are mainly attractive young woman. The Captain was very nice and very friendly. This of course is his job, but fear not dear reader, I was not sucked in by his witty puns, amusing one liners and attractive staff. Not at all. We discussed tactics, Gaza, national service, the wall, world opinion and the media. Do check out a copy of the interview in Nouse in print on Tuesday, or on the web Tuesday evening. It is rather Israeli one-sided though. Not much of a spin you can put on an interview with an Israeli Captain.

In the early afternoon I went for another extensive wonder through the Souq, Jerusalem’s large arab market. I love the souq and I though today I’d pass on a couple of funny t-shirts I saw (I didn’t here anything funny today, so this is the replacement):
Israeli Defence Force: It’s so secret even I don’t know what’s going on
Israeli Defence Force: Uzzziiii Does It

ok. so not that funny.

This evening I met with Shir Hever a leading economist from the Alternative Information Centre. An incredibly intelligent and genuinely really nice guy. My pitiful understanding of economics meant that Shir spent quite a while takine me through the Middle East’s military history before we looked at the current issues. I did learn a lot from Shir, and it’s written down upstairs, but I can’t go into it now because I need to go to bed. He raised some fascinating points and picked holes in a lot of what Rutland said. The interview will follow, I’ll keep you informed.

Right. I’m going to bed now. You kid’s have fun.
(sorry for any typos/ spelling mistakes. my eyes are slowly giving up)

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  1. 13 May ’09 at 11:14 pm

    Michael R.T.R. Child

    This if the first time I really thought about it, but Israel’s best known exports are guns and religion. Irony?

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