Got Booty

Although I was slightly hesitant about a comedy production based entirely around the title “Got Booty” and had come prepared for the usual tirade of Tom Scott Pirate jokes, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself enchanted by the amusing randomness of the whole affair. The cast consisted of Stuart Young, Robbie Birchall, John Rushton, Rosie Fletcher, Heather Wilmot, Max Tyler and Amer Iqbal.

The show was divided into a number of sections including “Scouting Ahead” which dealt with imagined Scout Badges for university students, “Problem Page” which went head to head with Jay-Z’s 99 problems and “Ask the Experts” where professional advice was provided on subjects ranging from chocolate to Joan of Arc.

Comedians often resort to crudeness to get laughs from their audience and I was impressed about the way they managed milk the full hilarious value of the usual vagina/gay-staight/French jokes without being openly offensive. Unexpectedly, the high point of the event was the ‘Nabokou’s Mum” section where the contestants saw exactly how many “your mum” jokes they could make during a passage of Lolita. The comedians’ delight in the blatant immaturity and naughtiness of the whole production was infectious and it was impossible for the audience not to join in the reveling.

As the skit continued, some of the jokes were slightly too random for members of the audience who attend Comedy Soc less frequently but, overall, everyone had a good time. The “Ode to Swindon” and “Sudoc me – Sudoc you” songs set along the lines of respective Wikipedia pages were very funny especially when one of the mediator began to blow bubbles at the team that were doing their best to create emotive responses over the Town of Swindon.

Overall, the entire show was a success. The overall tone was perfect for a some light-hearted entertainment on a Wednesday evening. The audience enjoyed themselves as did the performers and, for a student comedy society, can you ask for anything more?

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