A race against time

Tomorrow morning may bring the opening clashes of Europe’s largest inter-university sports competition, but for some it brings the latest battle in the war for York’s hits and clicks.

In 2007, only Nouse provided round-the-clock coverage of the event, while in 2008 crack teams from both Nouse and EasyNews made the trip across the Pennines to cover the event in real-time. This year, Vision Online will complete the triplet. OR WILL THEY…?

As I type, Grant Bradley – YUSU Presidential also-ran and X-Factor wannabee – is in the Vision office across the corridor with Editor Mike Regan (who told me today that he “probably will not run for Editorship again” – leaving the door open for Pearse and Hewitt, one imagines) putting the finishing touches to their Beta site.

Bradley, however, admitted his worries to OTR about the timeframe involved in switching the domain name www.yorkvision.co.uk from YUSU to Vision. Without the domain, the site will either have to run from grantbradley.co.uk – where it currently resides – or not at all.

Grant didn’t look too positive as Webmeister Northwood explained their rather precarious time situation. Nouse.co.uk will be live from 0930 with a brand-spanking blog system that will blow your mind. No refreshing needed. It’s wonderfully sexy.

The Official Roses 09 site has accidentally gone live as well – a couple of hours early. Looking good. Let’s hope the York side of the cup fills up first.

Let the blogging commence…


  1. 7 May ’09 at 11:41 pm

    Michael R.T.R. Child

    The new Vision site is an ugly, slow, clunky mash-up. Even bright orange would be easier on the eyes…

    Only the hit counts and accuracy/timeliness of news this weekend will decide the winner of the “battle”.

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  2. What battle? How is a just set up website supposed to compete with a long established one? Fair play to Vision for coming out at a time when people will be looking to the web for information rather than using it as a procrastination tool.

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  3. Easynews = http://www.theyorker.co.uk

    I agree with Henry, I think this is going to be an interesting time for all those involved in campus journalism whether it be written, audio or visual and while I *hate* sports, I’m quite looking forward to York surpassing itself once again on the journalistic front – GO US!


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  4. I think the timeframe is the least of their problems. It’s poorly designed, it’s ugly and it’s unreadable (particularly using Firefox). Ditch the black background – it’s a news site for goodness sake! Did someone take their design lessons from 5 years ago?

    The roses site, on the other hand, looks fantastic.

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  5. Surely I’m not the only one who thinks that roses just displays the utter waste of resources having two (and a half) newspapers is.

    There will presumably be three sets of people all doing the exactly same thing throughout this weekend, using up three offices, etc etc etc. People want to find out information; Nouse has undoubtedly the best site; its the easiest to read, is actually accurate (cf The Yorker) and the logo doesn’t look like its been cut from the print edition and scanned in (Vision), why are YUSU funding three identical groups, when one can pretty clearly do the same thing, and can do it better than the others.

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  6. The Yorker isn’t YUSU funded. Also, liveblogging costs, ooh, about £5 to run. And ours is covered by advertising, so YUSU really aren’t paying for it at all.

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  7. The Yorker isn’t YUSU-funded. And Nouse and Vision are rather different. (Would you scrap the university rugby team because we already have a football team for people to get their sporty kicks from?)

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  8. Vision’s black background would be more appropriate to a circa-1995 Geocities site.

    That said, I’ll keep my hopes up that when the site’s RSS actually finishes loading – and I’ve seen no evidence that it ever will* – it might be worth reading.

    (* on either my home ADSL, or my Voda data card.)

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  9. Without wanting to turn this into a pointless argument, I’d like to point out that the site is still in its earliest phase of development, and improvements in design and loading times will be happing over the next few days…

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  10. Actually, in 2007 Vision provided pretty hot coverage, going as far as to print a daily summary, akin to the Q daily glastonbury paper. Heidi Blake, then Nouse editor, had an absolute hissy-fit about it. On the subject of hissy-fits, very much enjoyed Camilla’s article on the finer points of trampolining.

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