Jewish society victim of break-in

Jewish Society’s ‘Hillel House’ has been subject to a break-in discovered in the early hours of the 14th of December.

The intruder gained entry by shattering the window of ‘Hillel House’, before searching the premises.

The Police were called to the scene of the crime, near Heslington Hall, by midday. This was followed by a forensic team who dusted the building for finger-prints later in the afternoon. The Police are currently processing the information and are currently unable to identify the intruder’s identity.

Simon Winkler, the Chair of Jewish Society arrived this morning to find results of the break in. He described the events:

“I entered the house to be greeted with a smashed window and glass shattered everywhere. It was an obvious break in. I was amused however that the burglar didn’t take anything, but merely opened up a Jewish cook book. I’d like to speculate that he is making chicken soup now for all the houses he breaks into!”

Mich Allard, a First Year Jewish Society member further commented: “the whole business was quite mysterious. It’s hard to know what to make of it really. At first I thought that one of the many rabbits that we get outside the building had simply been a bit overenthusiastic. This was before I saw the density of foot-prints covering the place.” He added: “With the nature of the break in, it is difficult to discern a motive. There is seemingly no evidence that it was anything but a random burglary.”

Luke Simpson, First Year English Undergraduate said: “The series of break-ins has seriously started to worry me; first, accommodation, and now, official buildings – it’s hard to trust one’s belongings to an institution where the supposedly secure, key-carded doors don’t even lock half of the time. Especially with the holidays approaching – how can I contemplate leaving anything here?”

Keith Lilley, Director of Facilities Management, has stated that the University takes such issues “very seriously. ”

Rory Shanks, YUSU Societies and Communications Officer has instructed any student or society who’s accommodation or building has been subject to unauthorised entry to “contact Security & Support Services immediately.”

The incident comes in the wake of a series of other burglaries occurring across campus. Nouse has previously reported on a spate of intrusions into student accommodation, occurring in a number of different colleges. Such burglaries, recently including break-ins in James College and Eden Court, has led to student concern at the safety of campus accommodation.


  1. To clarify – Hillel house provides accommodation (with Kosher food only kitchen) and a meeting/social space for Jewish students.

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  2. York is still significantly safer than a lot of other universities. It’s definitely not good that this sort of thing is still happening, however. What was the motive – is it linked to the other break-ins or was it just anti-semitic vandalism?

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  3. From the article: “With the nature of the break in, it is difficult to discern a motive. There is seemingly no evidence that it was anything but a random burglary.”

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