B Henry’s to stay open until July

EXCLUSIVE: B Henry’s to remain open until July, review group confirms

The Bar strategy group convened to decide the fate of Alcuin bar B Henry’s has stated that the bar will remain open until July, Nouse can exclusively reveal.

Nouse were informed that the extended opening period has been put in place to see how the new market conditions created by the opening of the YUSU bar in Langwith may change student habits and assess its impact on the commercial viability of B Henry’s.



  1. I hear B Henry’s is rubbish anyway… does anyone except about four people with chalk from Alcuin actually care?

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  2. Apparently it has a lot of people going to events and students from Alcuin enjoy having a bar.

    Or maybe that’s just a rumour. :|

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  3. Kris.
    Firstly, it sounds like you’ve never been to B-Henry’s.

    Secondly I think you’ll find that with 658 students voting YES on the UGM motion “‘Save B Henry’s and retain bar provision on campus”, there are a few more who care than “four people with chalk”.

    Walk around Alcuin and you’ll see orange Plan B posters in every other window. There is huge support in Alcuin, and over campus to keep B-Henry’s open and it is testament to their support, and the hard work of the Alcuin JCRC that we have such a positive result.

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