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One of the most visible accomplishments of the York Sport Committee this term has been in helping the first class coverage of the sports matches each Wednesday. Truth be told, covering University sport is difficult because matches overlap and away trips are a nightmare to get details from. Skipping the boring bits, we now not only have detailed sports coverage by Nouse, but also a YSTV show each week. A YSTV show each week!

In my day, you’d be happy just to get your team’s name mentioned after a sensational win – now you get a bloody TV show to inflate the already sizeable egos of York’s sporting elite. This couldn’t have happened without Adam Shergold, Nouse sports editor, Matthew Tole, the man at YSTV that makes the show happen, and Emily Scott, who turned up drunk for this week’s filming, and probably presented better for it! I’d just like to formally thank all three of you, and please go to and check out their work.

The results of last Wednesday have started to reveal which BUCS teams are on the up, and our women’s lacrosse and netball clubs performed with class. Behind the scenes, our mountaineering, YUsnow and cheerleading clubs have started trialling a new budgeting system that will hopefully ensure less financial mishaps over the year, and our membership is just under 2700, a great achievement. Roses is taking shape after the tribulations of setting a date with Lancaster that isn’t within our exam period.

The York Sport Forum last week was pretty unpleasant if I’m honest, and the open discussion pretty grim. For the sake of clarity, I didn’t run for this position to babysit sport at York until next year, and I’d like to make a few other things known. One: all the clubs are moving to black and gold playing kit, and this will be done in the most sensitive and financially unobtrusive way possible. Two: All clubs will have the same logo on their kit, but this will explicitly state that they are a club of the University of York, and have an element of customisation as per the expressed desires of the clubs. Three: The concept of clubs not being islands, a concept that is at the very heart of York Sport, has always been a reality.

Whether it’s football being £500 in deficit at the end of last term, or Capoeira not having any hall space, it was the presence of other clubs that got them sorted out. We already have two club senates (clubs coming together to share resources), and a third on the way. We’re better at Roses when we’ve got other York students cheering us on. With no sports department, all you’ve got is this solidarity of student clubs, and it is high time clubs expressed some pride in that.

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