Seconds brave cold with supreme win over Bradford

York netball seconds beat Bradford firsts today in their most encouraging game of the season to date and promise even better in the future…


BUCS Netball Northern Conference Women’s 5B, Wednesday 3rd December 2008

York seconds beat Bradford firsts today in their most encouraging game of the season to date. The York ladies expressed how they are ready to step up a gear this season, playing at top form today in freezing conditions, despite being inside the Tent. After heavily beating Bradford today 38-10, with ice cold determination the team say they are “ready to play better.”

The first quarter was littered with goals from Goal Attack Jo Bradshaw and Goal Shooter Sophia Sahin. Scoring 12 goals to Bradford’s three, York emerged the stronger side with Sahin’s accuracy proving a deadly weapon to Bradford, who rarely kept hold of possession and both factors contributed to York’s dominance.

During the second and third quarters, York passed the ball fluidly, finding a rhythmic stride. Wing Attack and Woman-of-the-Match Lorna Davis-Colley had especially good movement when she caught the ball, showing a quickness the team did not have last year. York scored 14 times to Bradford’s four in the middle of the game.

Women Netball , 3.12.08, Alexandru Hristea (3)

(Alexandru Hristea)

However, York were all too often in danger of looking too complacent and laid back, compromising their assertiveness in these quarters. Often the ball was thrown to nothingness and the home team sometimes became frustrated at a lack of full domination and decisiveness during the game.

Captain and Centre Camilla Hampton admits how they could have played better, but with some accurate passing, Hampton defiantly showed she’s in top form this season. York stormed through the fourth quarter scoring a tremendous 13 points to Bradford’s three, despite it being “too cold to concentrate.”

Women Netball , 3.12.08, Alexandru Hristea (5)

(Alexandru Hristea)

Even with some untidy play at times, York genuinely showed real potential with this year’s squad. Goal Shooter Sahin talked to Nouse afterwards: “We are so pleased with the result and we needed this good confidence boost for when we go into next week’s cup tie.”

Sahin and Bradshaw as Goal Attack will definitely be a formidable duo based on today’s powerful goals. The shots were delivered with deadly accuracy – even after Sahin suffered a minor hand injury – and with slightly tighter play and the ego boost the York girls need, it seems they will be on to a winner this winter.

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