YUSU Officers defiant despite Tom Scott resignation rumours

Rumours of a split between YUSU sabbatical officers and President Tom Scott have developed following a controversial story posted on The Yorker.

Last week, an article on The Yorker aired suggestions that Scott was considering resigning. The YUSU President laughed off the rumours; however, a fierce comment war developed in which third-year student Dan Taylor claimed to have exclusive information regarding YUSU officers and Scott.

Taylor’s comments told readers that he had heard sabbatical officers claim that “Scott does very little,” and that “his input on the executive committee is minimal – in fact, Matt Burton ends up ‘chairing’ the discussion, adding far more than the President himself.” A source close to the sabbatical team has also claimed that “two sabbatical officers want him to go” and that “there is talk of putting a motion forward of no-confidence against him next term with one of the sabbatical officers prepared to sign it alongside two non-sabbatical officers.”

Rory Shanks, YUSU Societies and Communications Office, was ambivalent on the issue. Admitting he was “confused” by some of the accusations, he commented: “The chair’s job is not necessarily to contribute to discussion, rather than to mediate it. To that extent, I am confused by the suggestion that Matt Burton chairs it.”

He hinted at Scott’s lack of experience, saying “Tom has been brought in this position having little to do with the Union prior to becoming the figurehead of it.” However at the same time he defended the pirate president, claiming that he brought new ideas and approaches that other candidates would not have considered.


  1. The usual suspects seem to be stirring up trouble and starting unfounded rumours again. What a surprise.

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  2. Would have saved us time if it had an accurate headline. Dan Taylor Bored Again, perhaps?

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  3. 9 Dec ’08 at 11:17 am

    Laurie Cavill

    The candid responses from YUSU officers was hardly an exclaimation of confdence in Tom Scott’s position, were they.

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