Stand by your man

The rumours circulating about YUSU infighting and a plot to oust Tom Scott seem to have surfaced during the first real moment of reflection we have had about his presidency so far. The euphoria of his pirate days have long gone, leaving behind a shy and relatively inexperienced individual running students’ affairs at this university.

His detractors whisper angrily about his supposed inefficiency, his incompetence, and his inability to form warm relationships with his team. His fellow sabbatical officers are outwardly supporting him, but Scott should perhaps be more aware of his own set of John Major’s “three bastards” in his cabinet, who took every opportunity to spill poison about the Tory leader to eagerly waiting ears in the press.

Scott is as yet unproven, insofar as he has never held a major position in YUSU before and may not have the same network of friends and contacts that other sabbaticals take for granted. Scott seems to suffer a kind of ongoing shellshock from his massively unexpected victory, and perhaps he should look to acting a little more presidentially to assuage fears of timidity. He should also exercise his presidential powers in a strategic manner, and keep his dissenters in line with a few choice words.

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