Equal quantities of pork liver and pork belly, 1 egg white, 2 slices of brown bread, Streaky bacon

For the gravy
A small amount of pork liver or kidney, 1 large onion, Flour, Beef stock, Red wine, Sage.

I would put between 4 and 6 ounces of meat in each faggot, so for six faggots for three people you should be looking at about half a pound of pork belly, half a pound of liver, and a couple of rashers of streaky bacon. Take the pork belly first, clean it and trim off the outer skin (this is full of collagen, and does wonders for a pot of stock) then slice it up finely, retaining the veins of fat. Mince it over with a knife a couple of times, rendering it pulpous and malleable. Perform the same action with the liver, and mix the two. Add an egg white (you should probably do this in a bowl) then add the bread, having reduced it to crumbs by whatever means you prefer. Careful when adding the breadcrumbs – too little and the mixture is too sloppy, too much and the cooked faggots will taste strongly and off-puttingly of burnt toast. Mould them into balls or burger patties, of the size and shape you prefer (though bigger they are the longer they will take to cook through). Wrap them up in the streaky bacon. Put the little darlings in the fridge and have a nice big drink.
When you feel your culinary zeal restored, finely dice your onion and sweat it with the lid on over a low heat for a good quarter of an hour. Then turn the heat up fiercely and start stirring. With any luck you will have retained some of your minced pork liver, or have some kidney similarly treated. Throw this in with the onion and brown everything up together. Add flour for thickening, and an equal amount of butter, and fry it to a dark roux. Glug in a glass of red wine (and pour one out for yourself why not?), throw in a pinch of sage or a bay leaf, and add an appropriate amount of beef stock. Let the flouriness boil gently out of the gravy for at least twenty minutes.
Fry the faggots, adjusting the time depending on how big/thick you have made them. Serve on toast, rice, or mashed potatoes. Cover in gravy. This meal is cholesterol rich, so you’d better have plenty more red wine for the sake of your heart.

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