Sexual assault claim retracted

North Yorkshire Police have closed an investigation into a suspected sexual assault after the student involved withdrew her allegations.

The student involved attended York Police Station yesterday and formally retracted the accusation.

“North Yorkshire Police would like to reassure the public and local communities that the sexual assault did not take place and the investigation has now been closed,” said a Police statement.

Police were originally called to Heslington Lane on Tuesday night after a 19-year-old student claimed she was subjected to a serious sexual attack.

The claimed area, near the Fulford Golf Club, was under forensic examination by police officers on Wednesday.


  1. What a crazy chain of events. I hope the student in question is charged with wasting police time and perverting the court of justice.

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  2. Or, alternatively, she was pressured into retracting… or didn’t want to face up to the embarassment of going through court procedings etc. I know two people who were both raped and refused to go to police so it could well be that – and the problem is that they have no idea whether someone is playing a really sick prank or someone is even more of a victim than they’d originally thought.

    Try not to be so one-sided and harsh, Dan: we don’t know what happened there and there are many reasons that someone could retract their accusation.


  3. No matter which of those it is she has failed herself and the security of others.

    If she wasn’t assaulted she’s been an idiot failing herself and wasted at least dozens of man-hours of police time which could have been spent protecting people actually in danger.

    Or if she was pressured out of it, she’s failed herself and others simply by lacking the moral courage to go ahead with the search for justice. The Police have systems in place to protect people who feel in danger through proceedings. Shame or embarrasment is no reason to potentially hard the safety of others.

    This attacker would still be out there.

    I urge you, allegedly attacked student: Sort it out. Come forwards and say it was a fake, or go back to the Police and watch justice be served, you deserve it if something did happen and all students here deserve to know how safe they are.


  4. Dan Taylor once again expressing views and opinions about things he knows nothing about.

    I am in agreement with Jason, the reason for such a retraction is very, very likely to be due to the embarassment of the situation and the media frenzy that has come with it in the past 24 hours or so.

    It would only be a matter of time until the unfortunate victim’s name would have been leaked and she would not be able to return to any sort of normality.


  5. “North Yorkshire Police would like to reassure the public and local communities that the sexual assault did not take place”.

    Ian and Jason, I think this suggests not that her statement was merely retracted, but that, as the quote suggests, it did not take place in the first place. Read the quote. It’s pretty black and white.


  6. Pretty scary stuff; being a girl who lives very near area where the incident supposedly occurred, I find it hard to be completely comforted by the retraction. One hopes that she really was just wasting police time and making it up, for if she was embarrassed/forced into the retraction a lot of students around here may suffer from the consequences.


  7. The statement is black and white, but is it the whole truth? The police would hardly say, this woman was assaulted but the ordeal that the criminal justice system requires her to be put through has meant the guy has got off scot-free, would they?! To be honest, I do believe this was a hoax, on a busy road like that, at 8.30 in the evening, with people on the sports fields… I’m not saying these things make an attack impossible, but surely they would’ve caused any depraved loner to freak out, no?

    I’m most concerned by the effect on students and others’ perception of their safety. If people still think, despite the retraction, that they can’t walk along a busy road like this in mid-evening, that would be a great shame.


  8. We cannot begin to presume why this situation has turned out this way, and as such I for one would expect a little bit of sensitivity from everyone.
    I cannot believe that any commenter is actually willing to try and hazard a guess at the circumstance and then offer advice and criticism. Regardless of the situation, the victim is clearly troubled, and I am fairly confident that being berated online by people who know nothing of her circumstance is not helping.
    Maybe consider discussing the situation in general, rather than offering opinions on the situation of a woman who you do not know.


  9. whichever way you look at this, the girl in question WAS NOT attacked. The police would have been banging on doors from the moment the allegation was made. Immediatly wasting taxpayers money on a hoax which sickens me more that the initial headline. Her name has not been printed and this has been done to protect her identity. She should be prosecuted for at least wasting police time! In addition here name should be released! When a man is “accused” of these crimes he is Guilty until proved innocent and the Press cannot wait to smear their names, pictures and usually addresses all over the front page! She may have a mental problem but she is in my opinion just as dangerous as the men who do commit these crimes and damaging for every genuine women who has experienced this type of assault.


  10. Jason I’m sorry that you appear to have either mot read or not appreciated the post above yours, I think “concerned” makes his/her point very well, you do not know the circumstances involved and can only offer speculations. Someone could just as well generalise and speculate about you based on your focus on the interests of the accused rather than on those of alleged and genuine victims but this would be unjustified and I think you should have thought more about how your comments were also without justification.

    Both accused and victims have the right not to be subject to criticism and derision at the hands of people who know nothing of them and were not party to any of the events concerned. Personally I think comments should perhaps have been disabled for this article, given the sensitive nature and the fact that those commenting are likely to have no idea of the details involved


  11. One would hope that the delicate nature of this issue would prevent certain individuals from expressing offensive and biased opinions based on assumptions and speculations.

    Presenting the facts may indeed be necessary, but a student’s suffering, in whatever form, can not be allowed to become a subject of a public debate in a university newspaper.

    Insensitive accusatory comments serve no puprose whatsoever and those who express them put themselves beyond contempt and criticism.

    Sexual assault is not an issue to be so lightly discussed, so we kindly ask Nouse to delete all comments and put an end to this deeply offensive debate.

    George Papadofragakis, Aris Catsambas
    ISA Welfare Officers


  12. Philip, how dare you say ‘she has failed herself’. Have you ever been raped? I thought not. You can’t even begin to comment on the matter if you’ve had no experience of it. To be raped is one of the most violating, horrific and terrifying acts, not to mention THE most abhorrent. You are in no position to say she ‘lacked the moral courage’ to search for justice. This shows me you have no idea of the legal system surrounding rape and sexual assault either. It’s not easy a) to come out and admit you have been a victim, or b) to find ‘justice’ as you put it. There is no such thing as justice for the victims of rape. It’s ‘his’ word against ‘hers’ in court and invariably no charges are brought. Even if they are, that’s little comfort for somebody who has been stripped of their dignity in one foul swoop.

    Now I’m not commenting on this incident directly as I, like the rest of us here, don’t know what really happened. I’m just concerned that it’s views like yours that are damaging for anybody who has been a victim and is reading this and feeling guilty about themselves.

    Think before you speak.


  13. Following advice from YUSU, Nouse have taken the decision to disable any further comments on this particular article in the interests of student welfare. Please continue to contribute to other articles.

    Henry James Foy