Students protest Heslington Hall

fire in Derwent
Photo exclusive: Michael Brunsden

The University Registrar has agreed to meet with student leaders to discuss the opening of Langwith bar following a large scale protest outside of Heslington Hall.

An estimated 100 students dressed in boiler suits demanded to see Vice Chancellor Brian Cantor following the University’s recent announcement that Langwith Bar would not be ready in time for the coming Freshers’ Week. The building was locked after protestors gathered.

An earlier briefing on Campus Development was cancelled after Cantor withdrew after word the planned protest spread. Cantor is believed not to have been in Heslington Hall at the time of the protest.

YUSU President Anne-Marie Canning was allowed into the building and, after meeting with Neocosmos, addressed the gathered students with a megaphone.

She read out the following statement: “It is regettable the the meeting about campus development had to be cancelled. We will take steps to find an alternative date and time for the meeting to go ahead. In the meetime, the strength of feelings among students about various issues has been noted and the Registrar will meet with student leaders to hear their concerns on Tuesday 24th June.”

fire in Derwent
Photo exclusive: Michael Brunsden

Canning urged students to return on June 24 and continue the protest.

Zach Pepper, Langwith Chair, said of the protest: “Its been really well attended, which shows how people feel about this issue. I think Cantor has come off really badly as he hasn’t attended his own meeting. I think he’s a coward.”

“It’s been a great success,” said YUSU Service and Finance Officer Matt Burton, who is leading the Bar project. “Over 150 students who care about the bar have turned up to speak to the Vice-Chancellor. I think he is getting our message,” he continued.

Canning urged the protestors to return on Tuesday.


  1. The protest made its way loudly into the library late afternoon, and was very quickly thrown out by the security guy. It was very very funny. There definitely weren’t 100 in the library though.

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  2. 20 Jun ’08 at 1:26 am

    'not revising'

    That’s because we weren’t allowed to come in.
    We were being quiet – not loud – in the library but were informed that we weren’t sticking to the library’s supposed dress code.

    There were 150 protestors in all today.

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  3. 20 Jun ’08 at 2:01 am

    in the library

    Library Porter: Get out right now
    Protester: ….I want a book!
    Library Porter: Outside please.
    Protester: But…I want a book…
    Library Porter: If you want to protest, do it outside.
    Protester: no books?

    Yes, only a few people popped by the library, but it was fantastic. I’d back the YUSU bar for October just on the basis of seeing those outfits!

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  4. i cannot believe people have nothing better to do with their lives than to charge around campus like animal rights activists… i mean who really gives a shit about a bar???

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  5. Nice photographin’ there Mike :) x

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  6. Oh, Manicurist…….
    Students care very much about bars.
    And not about nails.
    Which is why I love drinking but ain’t bothered about nails.


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  7. I think I would have done the same as Brian Cantor, was I greeted by a group of over-reacting, sign-wielding hippies.

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  8. 22 Jun ’08 at 10:47 pm

    sign-wielding hippy

    Surely ‘were i greeted’?

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  10. The last thing Cantor needs to do is explain the bleeding obvious to some protesters in asbestos suits. The suits themselves give away the reason the bar isn’t going to be built in time! It’s chock full of asbestos!

    As are central hall and physics…far more important to the running of the uni than langwith bar. Safety first…

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  11. You are sincerely mistaken if you think the people were protesting were hippies. They were ordinary students who care about having adequate facilities for an intake of new students.

    Anyway, come down to Vanbrugh Paradise at 11.30am tomorrow for another chance to make your voice heard. We’ll be heading over to Heslington Hall for a ‘Protest Picnic.’


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