My Bloody Valentine – Soon

Artist: My Bloody Valentine
Track: Soon

You’d be forgiven for thinking that My Bloody Valentine’s music doesn’t really lend itself to dancing. But, once you get past all the ‘tortured genius’ posturing, what Kevin Shields really wanted to be remembered as is King of the Disco. Why else would he make ‘Soon’, a song which would introduce some toe tapping action into the most introverted shoegazer’s view? Built around a looped drum beat, it’s seven minutes of trance-inducing euphoria: the main riff mischievously scampers across the song like it’s being played by a panpipe wielding pixie, while the indiscernible vocals sigh with ecstasy to rival Shaun Ryder’s colon on the flight back from Ibzia in 1987. While Shield’s reign over rave would presumably mean fewer glowsticks, it would still be magnificently bop inducing.

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