Sports Centre first aid criticised

Concerns have been raised over the provision of first aid at the University Sports Centre after a series of student complaints.

Evidence from students has suggested that injury treatment provided by sports centre staff is not up to an acceptable standard. Dissatisfaction surfaced during a football match between Derwent and Vanbrugh earlier this term, when a player who sustained a serious ankle injury received only ice pack treatment, and had to wait fifteen minutes before an ambulance was called.

Sarah Britton, a part-time employee of the Sports Centre said: “We’re only first-aiders and that means if you’re bleeding we’ll staunch the bleeding; we can’t give out creams or tablets. It is only basic care we can give out.”

“We fill out accident forms on incidents, but most of the time we don’t see anyone as people run in asking for ice packs. We can give minor advice, but we can’t do much more than that,” added Amy Chapman, another staff member.

Some students have argued that it is not the fault of the gym staff but the stringent Health and Safety laws they have to abide by.

“When there was an injury at rugby training there wasn’t a lot that the Sport Centre’s first aid person could do, but I think that’s more a reflection of Health and Safety laws and having to protect themselves against legal action,” commented Derwent Rugby Captain Joe Rankin.

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