James JCR chair removed after losing confidence vote

James JCRC Chair Chet Khatu has been removed from his post after losing a vote of confidence.

Khatu was removed by a vote of 10-2. One of the JCRC’s three Vice Chairs is expected to take over.

One source on the JCRC said the vote did not come as a surprise and “it had been coming for a while”. The source said Khatu had been removed due to “the combination of a lot of unrest amongst JCR members.”

The vote of no confidence comes days after Khatu engaged in a public argument with James Provost Neil Lunt.

In a series of emails forwarded to Nouse by Khatu, the James Chair accused his provost of not caring about the needs of students. In the opening of one email he wrote: “Thanks for your responses (despite your response consisting solely of butchering my previous email to you), it is clear you are not interested in certain topics of which I am very disappointed, however I wish you all the best when you feel the times are appropriate to discuss these points.”

When contacted by Nouse about the allegations, Lunt said: “I really am not quite sure what the young man is on about. Virtually all the issues that he wanted to put on the agenda were put on the agenda. He has the opportunity to raise each and every point but chooses not to even attend.”

In a thinly veiled swipe at Khatu, Lunt said: “We have already had enough damage done to the College by the actions (and frequently the inactions) of certain individuals.”

Khatu was embroiled in controversy earlier in the year after being involved in a party in the college JCR to which a stripper was brought. He was later forced to apologise for the incident.


  1. Contrary to the arrogant boast on facebook, it seems theyorker were first to this story. Slipping up are we?

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  2. Ooo bitchy

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  3. The process of Yorker writers and Nouse writers bantering each other over who gets to stories first should stop. Its largely unprofessional, especially when the comments are made by “anonymous” people. Let people judge on the quality of the story instead of the difference of a few minutes between it breaking.

    On a side note, by the looks of the time stamp on the Nouse site – we did in fact get there first, despite being hung over from producing a 44 page full colour newspaper.

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  4. A sad day when a guy who knows how to have fun is thrown out by a bunch of hardline, politically correct muppets. (even though i do think that these positions people hold in colleges or yusu or whatever it may be are a complete waste of time)!

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  5. If that is what you think then you have no idea of the amount of hard work we have to put in to make the college run smoothly! That is a comment based on ignorance. It is hardly grateful or acknowledging the hard work many people put into the behind the scenes day to day maintenance of York student life. I’m not even talking about James, but all colleges and YUSU. You may not notice what we do now, as it is not shouted about or made a big deal of, we don’t demand credit for it or want recognition. Yet if it was taken away you would certainly notice it then, some positions even more so than others… SU president and other sabbatical officers in particular do I great job, how can you belittle that? They are giving a year of their lives to a cause they believe in. If that is your personal opinion fair enough, I just don’t think you know what you’re talking about.

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  6. 20 Jun ’08 at 2:29 pm

    the iron liver

    whoever voted against this guy needs to loosen up a bit – can i recommend a three litre bottle of white strike, perhaps??

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