Reeds Cafe and ‘Tea Rooms’

Café: Reeds Cafe and “tea rooms”
Address: 30-32 High Petergate
Average Panino Price: £4.50
Rating: * *

Have you ever stared in obsessive pseudo-worship at the Minster while on LSD? No, me neither. But, would you believe it, a small Facebook group is dedicated to doing just that.

It has only two members (so the thrills of Gothic architecutre haven’t penetrated all of our campus’s drug dens) but it sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Doors of Perception type stuff. Worry not, though. There might be another, LSD-free way to enjoy the glories of the West end.
Reeds Cafe is close enough to the Minster to enjoy it, and far enough from it, in the morning, to be out of its shadow. There are quite a few tables on the pavement too, allowing you to take it all in while sitting in the sunshine.

If it’s raining, go somewhere else. The inside is grotty and unclean, and although it’s an attempt at a “tea-room”, it’s a poor one – more Little Chef than Betty’s.

I had difficulty with the service. It’s either grumpy and Yorkshire, or smiley and Bulgaria – either way they don’t seem to be on the ball. I opted for a Brie and Bacon panino (panini is plural, didn’t you know) and a fizzy, yes fizzy, orange. The panino was OK – it came quickly and with salad and Doritos, but could have used some chutney. The orange wasn’t fizzy so I hurled it back at them and flipped over my table, shouting loudly.

LSD, anyone?

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