The Post Birthday World

Book: The Post Birthday World
Author: Lionel Shriver

The birthday in question is Ramsey Acton’s, a world famous snooker player, whose birthday dinner opens up two possible futures, each attractive in its own way. Irina is given the decision to embark on an affair with the charismatic Ramsey or stay with her devoted, but steady husband Lawrence. So does she do it? In one world, yes. In another, she comes to her senses and devotes her life to perfecting her marriage.

Shriver achieves this with an alternating chapter approach devoting them to these two differing universes. In doing so she shows the reader how such a decision affects every angle of Irina’s life and the lives of those around her.

Shriver produces a fascinating different approach to the usual chick-lit romance novel with one which keeps a grip on reality. Despite certain areas which dragged due to the “sliding-doors” effect of repeating events, the story is moving and meticulously written. Shriver leaves the reader questioning the infinity of our lives and the decisions we make within their parameters.

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