Bar: Kennedy’s
Address: 1 Little Stonegate
Average drink price: £3
Rating: * * *

On a beautiful summer’s day, three hungry friends decided to wander into Kennedy’s for a spot of lunch. As they ascended the stairs, they discovered that the lavatory doors were labelled in a most unusual fashion: the ladies, “Betty”, and the men’s’ “Stan”. Thus, for the purposes of their dining experience, they decided to re-name themselves Betty and Stan. Beth, however, liked her name as it was and kept it the same.

Stan ordered the club chicken sandwich and a portion of chips; Beth ordered a beef burger; Betty, who secretly fancied herself a somewhat more sophisticated diner than the other raucous two, ordered the chicken caeser salad.

As the waiter laid each meal in front of them, one-by-one the three gasped with delight as they realised that the sizes of their meals would more than satisfy their meagre frames! Stan’s chips looked like miniature building blocks and even the proud Betty could not resist the temptation of joining in for a game of Jenga with them.

The giant slabs of potato came tumbling onto their plates, making an unholy mess of what had previously been carefully arranged side-salads. Stan enjoyed his sandwich, which he felt was like a gourmet lunch-box treat, while Beth remarked at how juicy her meat was. Betty also found the texture of the chicken most succulent.

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