The Sonics – Do You Love Me

Artist: The Sonics
Track: Do You Love Me

Maybe not strictly a summer song per se, but, like most of the band’s repertoire, this is a prime slice of fuzzy surf-guitar pie with all the necessary ingredients: sing-a-long backing vocals, fun lyrics and its own dance. On top of that it’s a raw cover of an early motown classic, sung by a man whose unfettered howls sound like they single handily kick-started the sexual revolution. One note from Larry Parypa could corrupt more of the nation’s youth than any amount of 50 Cent’s gansta posturing. Add to this pioneering drum and guitar tones that gave birth to a thousand Iggy Pops and Dead Boys and you’ve got the first genuine punk band. Who’d have thought Sid Vicious and co. were actually pre-empted by fifteen years by a group covering a song later made famous by the Dirty Dancing soundtrack? Altogether now! I can mash potato! I can do the twist!

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