Len – If You Steal My Sunshine

Artist: Len
Track: If You Steal My Sunshine

There’s no escaping it; Len are to summer what Slade is to Christmas. Much like Noddy Holder’s reputed allure to women, their appeal is not one that can be easily dissected. The existential lyrics are so opaque they would leave Sartre with cartoon question marks above his head. Masquerading as a chorus is a sweetly delivered threat, made all the more chilling by the fact that what will actually happen if said sunshine is stolen is never fully revealed. As for the vocals, they switch between Daphne and Celeste-lite to the strained tones of a man who appears to be struggling to sing through a nose full of gravel. Yet it’s as summery as a Callipo in shorts. As though through some inimitable process of sonic photosynthesis, in goes sunshine and out comes FUN. Put it on repeat, grab oneself a ‘tinny’, and try to block out the memories of the video in which the sibling singers touch each other inappropriately. If Len doesn’t make you want to have fun in the sun, you’re an… eskimo?

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