View from the colleges

A view from the college JCRC’s

Vanbrurgh – Matt Oliver
Grant Allocation: £1,696.50

“I believe that the set up we have is designed for us to be self-governing, I don’t want to be completely independent and have no reins, but I do want to be allowed the chance to have slightly more control over what we can and cannot do. The money that I am looking to invest is for our JCR.”

Derwent – Oliver Lester
Grant Allocation: £1,642.50

“We don’t actually need the extra money. At the moment, we function relatively well and have generated a slight surplus in our accounts. However, people have no ideas on what to spend it on. Even suggestions that we do get, such as improve our JCR, we have a college amenities fund which covers it.”

– Chet Khatu
Grant Allocation: £1,705.50

“Colleges are given a variety of hurdles to overcome when dealing with YUSU, however with current issues over funding and given suport being received between the college chairs. I’m confident we will be able to come to a situation which colleges and YUSU will find beneficial.”

Alcuin – Erik O’Connor
Grant Allocation: £1,743.50

“Greater autonomy from YUSU can be achieved within our ‘external affiliate’ status. Do I want a JCR which is completely without YUSU co-ordination and financing? No. Do I want a YUSU which is perhaps a bit less bureaucratic and a bit more conducive to student welfare? Yes, but I’d like to make this happen from within YUSU.”

Langwith – Zach Pepper
Grant Allocation: £1,487.50

“JCRCs and YUSU have a mutually beneficial relationship, but it’s not exclusive. JCRCs need to make sure that they are receiving sponsorship from outside sources and earning steadily – not just relying on YUSU to bail them out of tough times. JCRCs need help to maximise their earning capabilities and manage their money.”

– Joe Clarke
Grant Allocation: £1,594.00

“JCRCs do not get enough money and the money that we do get is too tightly controlled. The union has no reason to receive the funding which should then be passed onto us. If the money is meant for us then why have a middle-man? The system in place contradicts our independence.”

– Dave Sharp
Grant Allocation: £2,037.50

“I don’t agree with disaffiliation as one college cannot operate alone without the help from YUSU. I’m not 100% keen on how we all have to bid for the money at the start of the year as I was very inexperienced at the time. Generally, at Halifax don’t have that much of an issue with the amount of money we get.”

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