Student arrested after campus fight

A student has been arrested on campus after a fight outside of McQ’s. Several other students were injured during the fight before police and campus security were called

A student has been arrested on campus after a fight outside of McQ’s.

Several other students were injured during the fight before police and campus security were called.

A first-year student who witnessed the incident said four men, who appeared to have been drinking heavily, had been sitting outside of McQ’s shouting insults at passers-by. She said: “The four guys who were sitting at the table were trying to provoke pretty much anybody they saw into fighting them. They were spoiling for a fight.”

One of the men allegedly shouted at a member of the Tae Kwon Do club, which was on a social at McQ’s.

The student said: “One of the guys from the club said “what’s your problem?” and they started pushing eachother. And then another Tae Kwan Do guy tried to mediate. One of the guys sitting at the table threw the first punch.”

At least three other men became involved and one member of the Tae Kwon Do club had his glasses smashed during the fighting.

The student said: “It didn’t look like the Tae Kwon Do guys threw any punches, they just got them down on the floor.”

Police arrived on campus and ran through McQ’s to reach the fight. One man tried to run away towards Vanbrugh bridge but was caught by pursuing police.

A University security patrol member confirmed that at least one student had been arrested and taken off campus.

Goodricke College Provost Jane Clarbour was nearby at the time of the arrest and spoke to a number of those involved in her office.


  1. Raf, It’s Tae Kwon Do, not Kwan = )

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  2. Were the four men who allegedly provoked the TKD club students or members of the public?

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  3. Complete and utter bullshit… I saw the whole thing! If you maintain this level of reporting credibility, no doubt a job at “The Sun” awaits you!

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  4. Manicurist: What about this article is it that’s exactly “bullshit”? (I wasn’t there, I’m just curious as to the differences between what Nouse claim happened and what you claim happened).

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  5. It wouldn’t kill you to mention the ways that you think the article is inaccurate. Otherwise nobody else is going to find out.

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  6. 12 May ’08 at 8:15 pm

    Arthur Beringer

    In Raf’s defence (I hate to be tangential, but I can’t resist), Anon #1 should bear in mind that Tae Kwon Do is a phonetic translation from a different alphabet, and therefore Raf is somewhat free to spell it however he likes. Mao Zedong, for example, is often spelt Mao Tsetung, for the same reason. It just so happens that one spelling tends to catch on and become the norm.

    Nevertheless, it is spelt both ways (Kwan and Kwon) in this article, which is a little careless.

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  7. HAHHAHA he got his glasses smashed! Tae Kon Do is a joke.

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  8. This article is completely fabricated. The person in question who was arrested is a legend, end of story.

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  9. Well then it’s not completely fabricated as you agree that someone was arrested! Like “Manicurist” you fail to explain anything at all in your comment about the ways in which the article is inaccurate.

    And the guy who got arrested sounds like a moron.

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