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FINAL SCORE – Lancaster 122 – 124 York

FINAL SCORE – Lancaster 122 – 124 York


To conclude this year’s Roses coverage, we thank everyone for joining us throughout the weekend – right through to the end. We’d like to thank Joe Beech and SCAN for letting us take over their office. Your team this year for Roses have been Criss Noice, Henry Foy, Raf Sanchez, Nicky Woolf, Sian Turner, Adam Shergold, Matthew Jeynes, George Lowther, Venetia Rainey, Robyn Duncan and Anjli Raval. Thanks also to Diggles, who provided the sustenance that got us through the long days. It was a pleasure. Thank you for reading.

16:22 Lancaster 122 – 124 York

York have lost the football, but we’re told that this was mainly due to the fact that they were aware of the overall win. Lancaster slotted in several goals toward the end but the scoreline is irrelevant – York are Roses Champions for two years running.


Richard De Boltz is the man who scored the pivotal goal in this year’s Roses competition. When asked about the performance, he told Nouse: “I’m completely overwhelmed, just wanted to get a good result for the boys”. If you see him, buy him a drink.


Reports are coming in from the Hockey pitch, Jo Carter ran all the way from the croquet exhibition to leap onto the Hockey team in celebration. Matt Knight, AU Tournament Secretary has told us “That’s how Roses should be, my heart is going a thousand beats a minute”.


In the final minutes of the football match, York has conceded another goal to see them 2-1 with seconds to play.


For a round up of the competition as a whole, including the closest finish in years – check out this report.


While we wait for the football result, I’d just like to congratulate Jo Carter on her leadership of the White Rose here in Lancaster. This win gives York a 22-21 lead in the competitions’ history, with York leading for the first time in 30 years.

16:05 Lancaster 118 – 124 York

Table tennis results are in, Lancaster have one the 1sts contest 9-7 but the victory is a hollow one as Lancaster cannot win overall, even if they win in football – the one remaining fixture.

16:00 Lancaster 114 – 124 York

Final score in the Hockey, 3-3. YORK HAVE WON THE 2008 ROSES COMPETITION.


As it stands, Lancaster look likely to claim points in the table tennis and hockey but the current stalemate in the football will be enough to give York the two points they need to win overall. It looks like everything will come down to the last 15 minutes of the Men’s Football 1sts.


Still 3-2 in the Hockey, five minutes to play.


If York lose this, there’s going to be some serious hubris on the Nouse website.


Just to clarify, York need two points from the remaining three fixtures to claim the Carter-James trophy.


Tense in the final minutes of the Football. Dom O Shea is rallying the troops, hopefully York can hold on to claim the vital two points that secure victory.


Hockey News: Lancaster are 3-2 up, a draw for York will give them the win overall but a loss will take it to the wire.


Table tennis news. It’s currently 8-6 to Lancaster, they only need one more point to win the first seed games and gain four points for the home side.


It’s gone to 2-2 in the Men’s Hockey, and in other news everyone has crowded around the first seed games in the table tennis, which could decide the competition.

15:35 Lancaster 112 – 122 York

Archery news, it’s going to go down to the wire. Lancaster have taken the majority of the victories out there and have picked up nine points as opposed to York’s one.

15:32 Lancaster 103 – 121 York

York have emerged victorious in the Lacrosse, Lancaster came back near the end but couldn’t make it over the line. Only three points needed for York now to confirm the win.

15:30 Lancaster 103 – 117 York

At the close of the Men’s Basketball, it’s Lancaster who came out on top. York were unable to turn around the home side’s early lead. Final Score 61-45. Lancaster gain four points .


More drama at the football, York have had a goal disallowed keeping the score at 1-1 but York look to be in the ascendancy despite being a man down.


A series of fouls in the basketball has resulted in two players being sent off. One Lancaster fan notes that “we will probably run out of players before the end at this rate”.


Half time at the Men’s Hockey, York have gone into the lead. 2-1.


Dramatic news on the football pitch. York goalkeeper Andrew Emmerson has been sent off – leaving the away side with a second team keeper and a tough match ahead of them. Still 1-1 for now.


A great three pointer from Lancaster’s number 15 makes the score 53-38 in the basketball. This one looks like it’s over.

15:19 Lancaster 99 – 117 York

York have racked up another two points in the table tennis as the seconds have sealed victory in their matches. York now only need seven points to secure victory.


Early reports are coming in that York are victorious in the table tennis. Reporter in the field Sian Turner is sifting through the masses of people to find out the final results.


Lancaster play maker number 11 sent off for a fifth professional foul. 50-36 now in the Basketball with four minutes to play.


There’s an eerie lull in the office as what has to be the closest Roses contest in recent memory is about to be decided. York have fought hard and won several important matches that they were expected to lose to bring the scores this close. Can York get over the finishing line, or will Lancaster take another home win? Stay tuned.


A late string of points from York leaves the match at 47-34 with seven minutes left to play in the basketball.


47-29 now to Lancaster in the Men’s Basketball as Lancaster begin to turn on the style.


In the Lacrosse, York are still leading. 7-4 the score in the third quarter.


Lancaster have just equalised in the Men’s Hockey from a penalty corner, bringing the scores to 1-1. Remember, if York draw their remaining matches they still win overall.


Men’s football news. York have equalised from a penalty through Mark Gouland, making the score 1-1. York are turning up the heat.


We’re all waiting here with baited breath in the office for the results of the Archery which could give York the Carter-James trophy.


It’s 40-27 to Lancaster in the basketball, so this one looks like it could be over already. Stranger things have happened though, there’s still time to play.


Finally, a table tennis update. It’s going right to the wire, the first seeds are at 5-5 and the second seeds are at 6-6. First to nine wins that one.


Big news from the Men’s Hockey, York have scored the opening goal with a penalty corner from Billy Walsh. 1-0 York. Jo Carter tells us that “we really need this one”. So profound, that’s why she’s AU president.


Trade off of points in the basketball, Lancaster lead 36-21. Chants of “Defence” seem to be working.


Fear not Yorkshire friends, we’re not losing everything. It’s 5-3 to York so far in the Lacrosse and the away side are dominating after looking a little hung over in the first quarter.

14:47 Lancaster 99 – 115 York

Women’s football has finished 3-1 to Lancaster, clawing them back another four points in the overall standings. Could Lancaster snatch victory from the jaws of defeat?


34-17 to Lancaster at the moment in the Basketball after a tightly contested but low-scoring opening to the 3rd quarter. Yorks’ team talk must have galvanized them somewhat.


I’d just like to make an official apology to the Scan office, we’ve absolutely dominated it. The air is thick and the mess is plentiful.


If biscuits and Red Bull could kill a man, this blog would turn into an obituary pretty damned fast.


Lacrosse news. York are 4-3 up at the start of the second quarter after a rapid fire opening from both teams.


Serious jostling in the basketball as cries of “double team” ring out from the crowd due to a Lancaster player being taken out. Lancaster haven’t scored heavily for a good few minutes now, could the tide be turning? 33-17 to Lancaster at half time.


Lancaster’s big number 13 has been sin binned in the basketball, but this one still looks like a foregone conclusion as York have neither Lebron James or Michael Jordan on the bench.

14:35 Lancaster 95 – 115 York

A goal in the last few minutes has given Lancaster the win in the Women’s Hockey – that’s another four points for the home side, making the score ever closer.


Frustration is taking its’ toll on York’s basketballers, who are giving Lancaster free shot after free shot due to frequent off the ball pushing. The referees are losing their patience with York at the moment, 30-10 to Lancaster.


Absolute destruction of York by Lancaster on the basketball court, the score is now 28-9. York appear to have no idea what’s going on.


York have pulled a goal back in the Women’s Football – it’s now 3-1. All eyes have to be on the Archery at the moment though, which awards a pivotal 10 points to the victors.


There has been an equaliser in the Women’s Hockey, it’s now 1-1 late in the second half. A win for York in this match will give them four out of the nine points required for certain victory


Lancaster look too strong in attack for York, the score is now 21-8 at the end of the first quarter. The away side need to pick up their game if they want to be competitive in this one.


Chaos down at the Women’s football, it’s now 3-0 to Lancaster from a corner. Lancaster’s blond bombshell rugby players have been making a nuisance of themselves by invading the pitch. Fear not though, York have just arrived and one of them is wearing only a pair of speedos and a drawn on moustache. Real scary, but for all the wrong reasons.


Congratulations to RosesLive for keeping up with us today, it only took you three days but you got there in the end.


Now 10-6 in front through a slam dunk, Lancaster are in command down on the basketball court


Lancaster look the stronger outfit in the basketball, now 5-2 ahead. This one is worth four points, so could be crucial in the final standings.


It’s now 2-0 to Lancaster in the Women’s football 1sts. Apparently James Marenghi has been doing some vocal jousting, saying that Lancaster are winning everything at the moment. I think someone should tell him the overall score.


Master Foy is down at the Men’s Basketball as we speak, along with what is said to be a sizeable crowd. Lancaster have drawn first blood in this one, 2-0 in the early going.


As we speak, technology is threatening to throw a digital spanner in the works of Nouse. Sian’s phone is dying an honourable death and if we don’t get either a phone or a man with a very loud voice out there soon, we may be in the dark about the Men’s Hockey. Find me a town cryer!

13:50 Lancaster 91 – 115 York

Lancaster have beaten York 2-0 in the Men’s 2nds football, which gives them another two points . In the women’s 1sts, it’s 1-0 to Lancaster at half time, which is a possible 4 points. York still only need 9 points to claim an away victory though.


News just in from Sian, it’s still 1-0 to Lancaster at half time. The half time show consisted of the Rugby players creating a human pyramid three levels high, which shortly collapsed.


Noice here, back in the chair after a tense game down in the still pungent sports centre. Word is that the team have fixed my car window with an eclectic combination of plastic and cardboard. Eat your heart out Blue Peter.


I’m off to go cover the Mens Basketball and pikey a few free Red Bulls. Captain Noice of the window-missing brigade will take over from here. It has been a pleasure.


Still goalless in the Womens 1sts Football, while Lancaster are now 2 up in the Mens 2nds. Twenty minutes still to play, but it’s looking bleak for York in this one.


Lancaster take a 1-0 lead in the Womens 1sts Hockey. Maybe Carter’s little dream might not come true.


Table Tennis is finely balanced at 4-4 in both the Mens 1sts and 2nds. Apparently, Lancaster’s ping-pongers are a bit of alright, in the sense that they did really well in BUSA this year, not that Matt Jeynes thinks that they are hot. Actually – I can’t technically confirm that.

13:29 – Lancaster 89 – 115 York

Forget the IF, York have won the Women’s Basketball 41-32! Four more points to the York total. Nine more needed. I hope the proverbial fat lady is nice and warmed up.


If we hang on in the Basketball, and win both the table tennis events, that will be 10 more points, taking York to 121, needing only 3 more for victory. Technically, those things being true, a Jo Carter penalty deep in extra time could win the Roses for York. I’m dizzy with excitement.


It seems that both sets of Rugby players are as bad as each other. Some of York’s lads are in their swimming trunks cheering on the Womens 1sts Hockey team, which includes our wonderful President Jo Carter and her majestic midfield skills. Could she Roses right here, on that Hockey pitch? Could you even script that?


Jolly japes from the Lancaster Rugby boys down at the Football. Lots of drinking games, and the linesman is taking quite a lot of stick from these intelligent young men, one of whom is wearing a pink tutu.


Three minutes left in the Womens Basketball, and York have a solid 40-32 lead. Looking like 4 more points for the mighty York. Can Lancaster forfeit? Is that in the rules?


Tears at the start of the final quarter in the Womens basketball as one of York’s players has been injured. This hasn’t stopped York scoring though. It’s York 34 – 32 Lancaster and the home team have just called a time out with 5:46 left on the clock. Things are tense, especially as Criss Noice’s battery is running low.


It’s all gone spookily quiet here in the office. Adam Shergold might have fallen asleep at the football, the Womens 2nd Hockey is yet to start, and the Archery scores won’t be available until it’s all over. So hold tight.


End of the third quarter at the basketball. York and Lancaster are tied 30-30. Looks like this one is going to go down to the final few seconds if neither team can make a breakthrough soon.


The match is starting to break down at the basketball. Both teams are becoming scrappy and fighting on the floor for the ball. It’s not pretty – Lancaster lead 29-28.


York may be in the ascendancy, but Lancaster have won the grudge match between the Principals and V-Cs, taking the coveted Crown Green Bowling title. I’m not going to lie, it’s not much of a disaster.


Start of the second half at the Women’s basketball. York are making effective use of screening and have taken the first points, giving them back the lead. 26-25 to York, and this is a close one.

12:59 – Lancaster 89 – 111 York

York can breath easy – a penalty at the death in the Hockey, scored by that man Bravo means it all ends up 7-4 to York. Captain Ian “Blindy” Sheridan says: “I am incredibly proud. We played a great match.” Two more points for York, thirteen to go…


Five minutes left in the Mens 2nd Hockey, and Lancaster have got another. 6-4 there to York, and it’s all getting a little edgy.


The deadlock is broken at the Mens 2nds Football. Some terrible York defending has lead to a goal for Lancaster. Nearly half time, it’s 1-0.


Over at the Basketball – and the shot clock works again. The collective minds of Lancaster’s finest have come together to fix this infinitely complex piece of machinery. Management school was a good idea after all.


Lancaster aren’t giving up though on the Hockey pitch. A short corner is awarded and Lancaster score from it, taking the score to 6-3. Not a load of time left.


Tom Clemence has grabbed a goal for the Mens 2nd Hockey team, stretching York’s lead to 6-2. Only 2 points on offer for this game, but another 10 for the Womens 1st and 2nds and the Mens 1sts. If the rest of the York players can perform like these boys, York will be within touching distance of taking the trophy back on the buses.


End of the second quarter – that’s half time for those of you who aren’t so hot with fractions – Lancaster lead by a single point, it’s 25-24 and the officials have resorted to the age old tactic of unplugging the shot clock. Stay tuned to see if it works.


Both our Mens 1st and 2nd teams are 3 games to 2 down, but Rick Chen, 1st seed in the 2nd team, has just thrashed a bare-footed Lancaster opponent.


Off-the-pitch drama down at the Mens 2nd Football as a (male) streaker runs across the pitch. Apparently, his genitalia is the most exciting thing going on at the moment, though, as the action seems to have got a bit boring.


Hurrah! Not to be bitchy, but fantastic news as Lancaster’s finally catches up with our score after 72 hours. Nice going guys.


Getting tense down at the Basketball. We’re at 19-18 to Lancaster, and York have just missed two shots from the foul line. Both sides are still looking inventive, but are being stifled by great defence.


Camel vs God. Place your bets now.


… only for Lancaster to score a penalty to reduce the lead to 5-2.


John “Bravo” Huntingdon, who scored the penalty, grabs another in the Men’s Hockey to make it 5-1 to York.


Timeout called by York in the Women’s Basketball, who are losing the ball freely in the centre of the court. It’s 18-15 as Lancaster mount a comeback, and York need to keep their shape if they want to keep their lead.


Penalty to York in the Hockey, which is duly dispatched to make it 4-1 to York. The question can’t be will York win, but which sport will do it?


End of the first quarter in the Women’s Basketball, York are 14-8 up. Chants of ‘DEFENCE’ seem to be working for York, who are shutting out Lancaster around the key. Fast paced match so far, should be close. As the technology around the match slowly falls to pieces, instead of the traditional buzzer, the officials have resorted to hand signals. Much less dramatic. According to Noice, both teams are using zone marking, and York are all over Lancaster like a cheap suit – otherwise known as the “Raf Sanchez” play.


Second half underway in the Mens 2nds Hockey, with York’s number 33 scoring a spectacular lob to make the score 3-1. I’ve just been informed that it wasn’t Women Rugby players dressed as nurses, etc… but actually Men. And now they have been joined by two others dressed entirely in tin foil.


Six minutes left in the first quarter of the Womens Basketball, York lead 10-6. Criss Noice reports that York are missing from long range but are strong in possession and defence. Disaster, however as the digital clock has stopped. Officials on the sideline have resorted to a stopwatch instead.


In the Men’s 2nds Football, its goalless, but York have hit the crossbar, and Lancaster almost scored from a goalkeeping error. Shergold reckons this one is going to be a cracker.


Table Tennis now then. The Mens 1sts are level at 2 games each, and Lancaster hold a slim 2-1 lead in the Mens 2nds. 16 games for both, so first to 9 wins takes the points.


Five minutes into the women’s basketball – York are up 5-4. Lancaster have just called a time-out to regroup


For the Sian Turner lovers out there – and I know that there must be loads of you from the number of mentions Jeynes gave her – she isn’t watching the archery anymore. She’s giving us the Hockey updates. Which is no wetter, nor drier than the archery. Shame.


Half-time at the Mens 2nd Hockey. It’s still 2-1 to the away team after some fine saves from the York goalie.


Thanks for the heads-up Camel. “That’s not his real name,” pipes up Albi. Surely not!


The lovely Jo Carter must be feeling pretty good, wherever she is. Facing a big old dunking at the start of Friday’s competition, she must now be rather confident of watching her opposite number go through the humiliation. I spoke to him yesterday down at the tennis when the York lead was only a few points, and was a little edgy then. “What are they going to use for the gunge,” I asked. “I don’t know, but I hope it’s warm,” he sheepishly offered, “I’m getting a tad nervous.” Must be a tad more now, LOSER BOY! Yes, those chickens are certainly being counted.


A plea for help here. We’re currently debating the last time that York won the rugby away in Lancaster – and getting conflicting reports. Any rugby old boys out there who would like to enlighten us?


Down but not out, Lancaster have rallied to score their first goal in the Mens 2nd Hockey to leave the score at 2-1. The York Womens Rugby squad have turned up to cheer on our boys, dressed as Nurses, Cavewomen and Policewomen. Keep your eyes on the ball, boys.


Mens 1st and 2nds Table Tennis has just got underway. In the 1sts, we have 1st seed Jan Natolski, 2nd seed Greg Price, 3rd seed Tom Coleman and 4th seed Jack Weavis. They are playing for 4 points. The 2nd team, of Rick Chen, Matt Fuller, David Butler and Richard Hains (in that seeding order) are ping ponging for 2 points.


Dad – I think we’ve found it. Is it the one with Boris’ face on it?


Fighting talk from Adam “3 nights on a floor” Shergold. Discussing the prospect of the Mens 1st Football match at 2.30, Shergold confidently states “I think we’ll have it wrapped up by then.” That’s pretty bold from a man whose back is probably so bruised he’ll need some serious surgery.


I swear, half a can of flat, 2 day old Diet Coke and the omnipresent smell of human beings isn’t getting me half as excited as the thought of a York victory this afternoon.


Two-nil in the Mens Hockey 2nds. Are these two points ours as well?


Lots of chatter about the Christian Worship here in the office. “Who’s going to cover the Christians?” someone asks. “Nobody. Just nobody,” comes the direct reply. We’ll try to get some photographs. Maybe.


Short corner in the Hockey is converted by York to open the scoring. Is there any stopping the White Army?


Men’s Hockey 2nds – no score down at the Astroturf, with York having slightly more of the possession. Scrap what I said about home and dry. We will, in fact, still be in Lancaster, and absolutely soaked.


My glamorous assistant Robyn has informed me that there are only 48 points left today to win. So, if we win 15 points, the lead will be 35, with only 33 available! Come on boys and girls – if your sporting prowess is as good as my maths, we’ll be home and dry in no time.

11:33 – Lancaster 89 – 109 York

Four more points on the highway to victory for the White invaders – York have won the 3rd set of the Mixed Volleyball match 25-21. The march to victory continues as the score rushes on to Lancaster 89 – 109 York


Camel – your name means nothing to me, but the very mention of your nickname ushered up a knowing smirk from Albi. He’s bashing out the report now.


So then, are we going to win? The safe bets are on York, but you can’t write off a Lancaster comeback. Still, that’s a big old mountain to climb. By my reckoning, we only need 18 more points to win this thing, and Lancaster will need to take almost all the points on offer today.

11:24 – Lancaster 89 – 105 York

Full time at the Women’s Hockey, and it finishes 4-1. To be quite honest, I’m sure the girls will be overjoyed to get out of this shit weather and back in some warm clothes. And hey, it’s not like we need the points. Still, two more points for the Lanc.


For comedy value, and to fill some time, I’ll tell you of my morning. So we were flatly told that there would be no chance of us hard-working, selfless journalists getting a media invite to the Roses Ball shebang last night. There was also only the floor of the office to sleep on. So 4 of us jumped in Noice’s car and headed back to “Yorkie,” as it’s affectionately being called during this competition. This morning at 9, Criss scooped me up and we were back on the motorway. Unfortunately, some dirty York chavs – St Johnners no doubt – smashed his driver’s side window a few weeks back, and so a sheet of perspex had to suffice. Unfortunately, speeding down the M1, the perspex decided it was preferable to be in tiny shards all over the road, rather than nice and sturdy in the window frame. If the howling wind through the car wasn’t bad enough, the northern rains (which have been threatening to literally piss on our little parade this weekend) showed up. So, please, with every word you read of this blog – appreciate the mental and physical pain that we have been through just to be here. Cheers.


Just my luck. I write them off, and they bang one in. It’s 4-1 down at the hockey. Game on.


York are putting the pressure on the Lancaster defence in the Women’s Hockey 2nds, but it seems that they’re just too strong for our attacks. Still 4-0 down at the astroturf.


Never fear, Foy is here. Fresh from a jolly jaunt over the Pennines and back, just to get a good night’s sleep, I’ve managed to rescue Matt “Oh fuck it’s a computer” Jeynes from his own HTML nightmare. Dan – it’s ok now, you can take off that oxygen mask.


Rugby legend Albi ‘better than sex’ Furlan has just pointed out how Krieger looks like Krueger (as in Freddy Krueger). Coincidence? I think not.


Bad news from the astroturf, where Lancaster have stormed to a 4-0 lead in the Women’s 2nds. I’m guessing Ilka Krieger is back, tormenting us again like some sort of vengeful demon.


It’s what you’ve all been waiting for – a Volleyball update. York have taken the first set 25-17 and look set to stroll to victory. It is a mixed game, incidentally, with Lancaster unable to actually field a full Men’s team. According to the phoneless Mr Shergold, Lancaster are battling hard, but their inexperience is plain. I don’t like counting my chickens before they’ve hatched, but I feel pretty safe saying there are 4 chickens right there.


More news from our Archery guru Sian Turner. It appears that the archers have 90 arrows to shoot, and they are only on their fourth. On top of this, the scores won’t even be announced until 3pm. Really, do these people not know we are trying to do live commentary here?? It’s just plain rude


No updates yet from the Volleyball. Brother Shergold is there with my phone, as the muppet didn’t bring his. I can only assume that he doesn’t know how to use it.


Speak of the devil, and it doth appear. Miss Turner deigns to call in to inform us that York are vastly outnumbered in the Archery, with 8 archers to Lancaster’s 18. Now that hardly seems fair to me. Let’s hope its a case of quality overcoming quantity.


Ok, so maybe ‘torrent’ was over-egging it a bit. At worst, you would say it is drizzly. C’mon Turner, get your hair wet and get us some Archery updates.


I need to see this ‘torrent’ for myself. I’m just popping outside, as I haven’t seen daylight since last night.


Still no score in the Women’s 2nds hockey. Lancaster are 1 point ahead in the overall hockey rankings after the indoor events yesterday, but the big points (12 of them) are up for grabs today, and York are fairly “quietly confident”. That never reassures me – I always assume that if you are quietly confident, you are actually a little bit nervous and unsure but trying to hide it. Oh well, let’s hope i’m wrong. The big games will be the Women’s 1sts at 1pm and the Men’s 1sts after that at 2:30.


And it looks like my predictions were correct. Archery whizz-kid Sian Turner has been forced to retire to the media tent to protect herself from the torrent pouring from the heavens. Apparently, the archers are slugging it out through the rain, though I can’t see them hitting much in this weather. Expect a low-scoring match (or whatever archery contests are called).


With York only needing a handful of points today, they will be looking to wrap it up early on, hoping to avoid a dramatic finale involving the Hockey or the Football. So with an incredible 10 points available for Archery, a solid performance by York there could see victory assured. Incidentally, the Archery is taking place on the same pitch where the three titanic Rugby matches were played yesterday, and reportedly it has been raining throughout the night. Mud-fest anyone?


Morning, folks! Sorry for the delay. I nearly messed the whole website up. Dan ‘Webmeister General’ Whitehead has fixed it from back in York and we are underway. Matt Jeynes here, ready to guide you through the final day of an absorbing Roses clash. Stay tuned for the day’s first events.


  1. For the sake of clarity, I’d like to point out I made the comment “That was LIKE sex”. The “better than sex” bit was added by someone else. But I like the moniker anyway.

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  2. Albi any chance of a match report those of us exiled in London itching for information about how the Lancaster rugby dragon was finally slain?

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  3. Noice and Foy, you live-blog legends, I’m glad to hear you made it back ok. Sorry to hear about the window, Criss. I feel like I should probably admit that it may or may not have been my housemates who smashed it in the first instance. They get a bit rowdy after port and cigars. Who’s the favourite to win the Christian worship? And how many points do we need to secure before we’re guaranteed the win? This coverage is off the heezey!!

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  4. I must say the prospect of crown green bowling and christian worship is getting me a little excited.

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  5. Kids, I think I may have left a slightly Tory-looking jumper in the SCAN office yesterday. If someone isn’t busy shouting down the phone could you please have a look?

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  6. Camel – Report is coming soon, I need to stop shaking first…

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  7. 2002 was the last time the rugby lot won away, and 2003 the last time we won the mens rugby overall.

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  8. Is Sian still standing in the rain watching the Archery?

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  9. Woolf and I are off to the York Carnival 2008 (it’s going to be good but probably less fun than refreshing this page). Keep up the good work, guys. And find my jumper. It doesn’t have Boris’ face on it. It has Maggie’s.

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  10. I heard it was 5 years since the seconds won, and 15 since the firsts won. Although they didn’t actually WIN yesterday, so I guess thats 16…

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  11. Well you’re wrong then. Won by 19.5 points out of 20 in 2002 and 2003. Which isn’t 16 years ago. Although yes we did get hammered in 2004 and 2006. Not convinced that you actually are God…

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  12. 4 May ’08 at 1:15 pm

    Desirous of banter

    MORE BANTER. Immediately.

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  13. “I’m dizzy with excitement.” – sounds like somebody needs to calm down.

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  14. 4 May ’08 at 2:51 pm

    Henry James Foy

    How’s the table tennis going Noicey?

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  15. What score do we need to reach before we win? Everyone in the other Nouse office is going mental!!!!!*$&% Carnage style

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  16. This is great, what a finish.

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  17. Talk about tenterhooks….

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  18. AMAZING! A York win, away! Our sports teams will be bought so so many drinks this week!

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  19. Who scored in the hockey?

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  20. highlight of roses 2008 – football – tam sherif calling referee a fat bastard – heroic irony!

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  21. 5 May ’08 at 12:09 am

    Dominic O'Shea

    I’m not sure who told you the main reason we lost the football was because we knew we’d already won Roses. We wanted to win that match whatever happened. The main reason we lost was because we had a man sent off after 25 minutes so we played for over an hour with 10 men. Well done to everyone though, particularly the hockeys lads who showed how important every point is.

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