Student hospitalised after drink is spiked at Ziggy’s

A University of York student has become the victim of a drink spiking incident following a recent drum and bass event at Ziggy’s nightclub.

The first year student, from Derwent College, was attending the Ed Rush night at the club on Friday March 7.

“When we got to Ziggy’s, I had only had a couple of drinks. I was with one of my friends and we were talking to two guys,” she recalls. “Basically, I then just lost all memory. I wasn’t aware of anyone around me and I was sick for quite a long time,” she said.

The student was promptly taken to hospital by a friend, where the effects of the drug began to subside. “I got my memory back in the hospital. I was there for about three hours, and it was about six in the morning when I began to feel a lot better,” she said.

“At the hospital they just asked lots of questions, they didn’t actually find out what it was that I’d been given,” she added. Although suffering no physical harm, the student admitted that the incident has left her feeling anxious and concerned: “I wouldn’t have thought it would ever be something that would happen, and it happened so easily. You never think it’s something that will happen to you.” She also stated her belief that the University could play a more active role in helping students avoid such dangers: “The University could do more to highlight the dangers of drink spiking,” she said. “At events like this, such things are more likely, and more could be done.”


  1. After reading this article about yet another incidence of drink spiking in the York area, I am amazed that the clubs and bars are not stocking Spikey’s. These are purchased for just a couple of pence and help to save people from being spiked. They are coloured stoppers that fit all crown top bottles and once pushed into the neck of the bottle they cannot be removed. A straw is then passed through the small hole in the middle and this makes the drink very secure. Please contact us for samples, leaflets and prices.
    Gill Henshaw

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  2. Fair enough for bottles of beer, VK or whatever, but the spikeys don’t work for a glass of double JD and Coke or a pint of lager. As most people seem to drink either mixers in normal glasses or pints, it’ll take more than ‘spikeys’ to stop drinks being spiked.

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