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Mice Parade

If you’re a fan of ambient indie rock, Fat Cat Records has probably brought a lot of good music into your world. The Brighton based record label has propelled the likes of Sigur Rós, Múm and Animal Collective into the (alternative) public consciousness. The label’s full roster of bands is certainly worth checking out but there is one in particular that has caught my attention.

Mice Parade are an electronica-infused alternative band operating, on first glance, in much the same vein as their better known labelmates. It is easy to be cynical about recommendations from the music press, which is all too often just another cog in a vast promotional machine that churns out bands for monthly consumption. But there are bands that exist almost totally outside of this cycle.

Mice Parade are a group of very experienced musicians who have, for a decade, quietly been making music that possesses an ethereal beauty and folky quality unique to them. They only tour on the rare occasions they want to and have no desire to break into the mainstream. The music itself does not feel constrained by the mores of traditional song-writing yet maintains a definite structure that sets them apart from other post-rock bands. Their latest self-titled (and best) album is saturated with eclectic instruments (including harps, classical guitars and violins), percussive soundscapes and dream-like vocals that give the album a strong organic quality and whose musical range separates them from their more traditional peers.

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