Away with the fairies

The Vice Chancellor’s recent statement that he does not believe the time, money and effort being poured into Heslington East is jeopardising students on the current campus has demonstrated once and for all that those in faraway Heslington Hall are living in a fairyland. They are grossly detached from reality.

Let us not be misunderstood, we are not saying that Heslington East shouldn’t happen. Despite its frequent financial miscalculations it could well prove vital to the survival of the University. Instead of condemning the project we condemn the Vice Chancellor’s claim. It can only be considered a deluded or out right deceitful statement, neither of which is conducive to competency.

Nevertheless, students are cynical about the state of the current campus and they have every right to be. Our campus is crumbling with little to no evidence of maintenance in the wake of the grandeur of the new campus. Our bridges are breaking, the library is floundering and departments are struggling to even mark exams. It is indisputable that with even a fraction of the funds from Heslington East the University could take huge steps in solving some of these problems.

Brian Cantor is completely out of touch if he cannot recognise the basic wants of the students. Bridges and books, these are the basic campaigns that drove the YUSU elections. In a time when we resort to fancy dress to maintain interest in our union it does us no good to see the wilful ignorance of the administration.

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