Exit poll predicts huge win for pirate candidate

An exit poll released by YUSU forecasts a huge majority victory for pirate candidate Tom Scott in the race for the YUSU President.

“I’m startled,” said Scott, “but I wait to be seeing how the final vote turns out tonight.”

With the final result to be announced this evening, the poll indicates 52% of the electorate will have backed Scott, while only 28% will have voted for Laura Payne. Nadeem Kunwar trails in third position with 18%.

While the final results are unknown, Sam Bayley, Pro-Returning Officer has revealed that the elections received a record-breaking turnout of 27%, the highest ever for a YUSU election by a sizeable margin, and more than double that of last year.

The poll, released to Nouse, URY and YSTV, sampled 100 random votes cast on the opening day of voting, Monday 3rd March.

Final results will be announced at 7.30 in Derwent. Full coverage of results for all positions can be found at www.nouse.co.uk and live on URY 1350AM and online at ury.york.ac.uk.


  1. Oh dear. I really hope he has the decency not to accept the post if he wins. He’s made his point, and it would be a real shame if someone with no experience, no policies, and who isn’t going to be taken seriously by the university or anyone else take over.

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  2. 7 Mar ’08 at 7:22 pm

    Joseph Burnham

    This is certainly an interesting development. I suppose the question now is whether Scott had a surge of energy in voters on the first day, or whether this trend remained consistant…

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  3. This is a massive turnout. Well done for the returning officer’s hard work in producing a well run election.

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  4. If he does step down… then someone will have to take his place. I can only think of one man on campus, with experience, level-headiness, charisma and just general god like qualities, to step up to that position: VOTE RICH CROKER!

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  5. The massive turnout is fantastic for University democracy and accountability. Whoever wins, the true victor is the right of students to choose and hold to account the people who represent them whether or not one agrees with the body itself. Recent UGM’s, Referanda and ‘No-Confidence’ issues have stirred the people of York campus into taking an interest in what is actually imperative in paving the uni’s course for the next year.

    Well done to all who voted and best of luck to whoever wins what.

    Dan Taylor

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  6. Wait wait wait a minute. As a Politics student and enthusiast I can’t resist pointing out that a 27% turnout means around 3000 votes, of which this article predicts a result based on 100 votes? That’s 3.3% of the vote. How on earth can anything be drawn from such a small, one-off sample?

    The fact is, the race is too close to call, which makes tonight all the more exciting… and I’ll be following it here on nouse.co.uk!!

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  7. 7 Mar ’08 at 9:02 pm

    Henry James Foy

    JC, thanks for your comment.

    The exit poll tells us the voting intentions based on 100 votes. The turnout was supplied by Sam Bayley, after he saw the full results.


    Henry James Foy
    News Editor

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  8. “Recent UGM’s, Referanda and ‘No-Confidence’ issues have stirred the people of York campus into taking an interest in what is actually imperative in paving the uni’s course for the next year.”

    So the great Dan Taylor has made the Uni students politically aware then? *rolls eyes*

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  9. The turnout percentage is bigger than any University managed last year according to the NUS Survey in 2007.

    Source: http://resource.nusonline.co.uk/media/resource/Election%20Research%202007STATS.xls

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  10. Henry

    I understand how the figures were derived – my point is that the turnout (from the horse’s mouth) suggests 3000 voters, therefore a single isolated poll of 100 people is hardly enough of a basis for such a confident prediction as is given above.

    Though it does seem the extra turnout was caused partly by the Mad Cap’n, I still think it’s impossible to predict the result.

    Time will tell…

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  11. My words taste good – I should know, I’m eating them…

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