Art Brut Live Review

Art Brut'

Artist: Art Brut
Venue: Fibbers, York
Date: 17/02/08
Rating: * * * * *

If there’s one thing to be said about Art Brut, it’s that they put on a truly brilliant live performance. As a band, they’ve never really hit the mainstream; their unique brand of witty post-punk doesn’t appeal to every taste, but they’ve built themselves a loyal following. So it wasn’t particularly surprising that almost everyone in the room had seen them before, a fact that lead singer Eddie Argos picked up on. This made for a fantastic atmosphere, especially when coupled with Argos’ evident love of crowd interaction.

It is rare to see a band with such a willingness to entertain: they not only offer songs that literally turned the small dance floor of Fibbers into a heaving mass, but offer mini stand-up sets between every song. No song is ever the same as on the album either – ‘Formed a Band’ had its lyrics totally jumbled into what Argos joked was the ‘remix’. The crowd were also treated to lyrical snippets of everything from The Smiths to Gwen Stefani interspersed throughout the band’s set. Not to forget the moment during ‘Modern Art’ when Argos launched himself into the crowd, jumping around with as much joy in his music as the teenagers he was playing to.

Art Brut may never go on to mega-stardom, but they are possibly one of the best live performers out there today. Certainly from their fan’s reaction tonight, they’re also here to stay.

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