Takeaway company banned from delivering to campus


Efes, the local fast food outlet situated on Heslington Road, has been banned from making deliveries on campus by YUSU and University Security.

Although the ban came into force last October, many students were only informed recently. Students receiving Derwent college notices by email were told “You should not order meals to be delivered here (the university) by Efes, they are not allowed on campus. If they do come on campus, they will be treated as trespassers and will be ejected by the Security department. If you want to order a pizza, there are leaflets in Derwent Reception denoting who is eligible to deliver on campus”

Sam Bayley, YUSU Societies and Communications Officer, said “it wasn’t necessary to inform the whole student body at that time – the matter was one between the University and the company. However, Efes have contravened their ban to flyer on campus on several occasions since, so it was decided to ask for the assistance of the college chairs and societies in policing the ban and reporting contraventions to University Security.”

Nouse obtained a copy of the letter sent to Efes, dated October 16. “We will not tolerate take away companies coming onto campus to distribute their own menus…as a result; Efes Pizza will no longer be invited to use our menu distribution service. Your staff will be regarded as trespassing on University property if caught. This ban takes immediate effect,” it stated. A follow-up letter, dated October 23, warned Efes that: “the University of York will take steps to remove from our premises as you are illegally trespassing.”

Mr Efe was adamant that he himself had been approached by students, stating that “There were two students come in from Alcuin, the said they wanted to make Efes flyers for their kitchen to advertise a bar quiz. The woman from YUSU, she say “you can’t put leaflets in house [referring to the Alcuin block], here is your cheque back, you can’t put leaflets on campus anymore.[sic]””

When asked how much takeaways to campus account for, it transpires that they are only 5% of his total earnings. “At Efes we look after students, I have been here 12 years, and it is in my heart to look after student. If someone comes in here with no money, I will say “Don’t worry, eat! Pay next time! [sic]””

“Students walk home from town, they pass Gold-digger, Salt and Pepper, Micklegate, Ali G’s, and they come in here. Why? For friendly service. When new freshers come in, 2nd years will tell them “go to Efes, he is my friend” so even without leaflets it spreads through word of mouth. 90% of students say Efes is #1 pizza place for students. [sic]”

Sue Johnston, head of Campus Services, said that the university had “real concerns” about Efes leaflets. “Students being their only business is incorrect and there are many businesses similar in York who fully respect our protocols for the campus.”

The University Press Office declined to comment .


  1. It’s true, I actually saw him let someone off paying because they didn’t have enough money! He just trusted them to go back the following day! Amazing customer service – the uni should learn a lesson from him!

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  2. Perhaps this is misguided attempt to save JJ’s!

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  3. It’s Sue Johnston not Johnstone. Quality reporting as usual…

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  4. 1 Mar ’08 at 3:07 am

    Francis Boorman

    I’m almost amazed to see someone use (sic) as a slightly obnoxious literary device. I’m sure your grasp of spelling/grammar was proved impeccable the second time round.

    Also, I’ve not noticed any other company respecting such a ban. Couldn’t a less ridiculous compromise could be reached? Efes could agree to stop leafleting to regain access to campus. Surely all parties can rise above their pizza menu-related issues?

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  5. Also, (sic) should use square brackets, or else it looks like whoever’s speaking has managed to pronounce parentheses. Like this: [sic]. But I’m only being as anal as the person who thought showing off that they have a ‘better’ grasp of English than a no-native speaker was necessary.

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  6. *non-native

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  7. Seems to me, in a free society students should be allowed to order pizza from the vendor of their choice…

    Somebody has a petty, control problem – and over pizza???

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  8. Appaling treatment of someone who often gives a little extra and provides a good service for students. The university should grow up.

    Also, putting [sic] at the end of each paragraph is a bit sad, but is put in to show that the grammar was spoken as it is written. Regardless I’m sure that Vision would have written a better article…

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  9. there’s loads of companies who advertise illegally on campus, chinese laundry for example.

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  10. If it’s a direct quote there should be no need for ‘(sic)’. It’s just offensive to highlight it as grammatically incorrect and doesn’t add anything to the reporting.

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  11. Hi,

    We have tried tirelessly to try and negotiate – in order to prevent a ban like has transpired. In the end the situation was getting ridiculous and we were constantly receiving complaints from Porters / College Administrators and students who had their kitchens entered and menus dropped off (or through open windows, etc).

    We firstly ended our business dealings with Efes, and then the University imposed the ban when the leaflet drops continued.

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  12. I got a Christmas Card from Efes… That is customer service!

    It is a bit much dropping of leftlets through windows etc… but that said, a ban which they simply cannot enforce is just daft.

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  13. Agree with the aforementioned comments on the, frankly, needless use of [sic] at the end of quotes.

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  14. Leafleting issues notwithstanding, telling students where they may and may not order food from seems a bit ridiculous, maybe the university could introduce some sort of fines for littering to address the issue?

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  15. Thank you for all your comments.

    In reference to the criticism of the use of [sic], I would like to clarify that its use in this article is simply in line with our house style. Like the all newspapers and news agencies, we use [sic] simply to denote that any errors in grammar, spelling or punctuation have not been introduced in transcription, but have been reproduced verbatim by the reporter. It has not been used in this article to be in any way obnoxious or offensive towards the speaker, nor was it implemented to show any form of grammatical superiority.

    Without [sic], newspapers are inundated with feedback criticising them for what appears to be a mistake in reporting or editing!

    Again, many thanks for your feeback on this, and all other articles.

    Henry James Foy
    News Editor

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  16. Who is this ban supposed to benefit?

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  17. I would presume the pockets of the University, iirc they charge for the privilege of being able to have leaflets in the porters’ lodges, etc, and Efes don’t want to pay.

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  18. Chris,

    It’s not that Efes don’t WANT to pay. They were handed back their cheque that they HAD paid, and told they were not allowed to distribute on campus any more.

    Again, thanks for all the comments,

    Peter Campbell

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  19. 4 Mar ’08 at 4:14 pm

    John Heritage

    Id like to know how many actual students complained? I cant believe it was many. What does it have to do with college admin staff anyway?

    Also when there are so many thefts on campus , is it really an efficient use of the security services time to be hounding a company who is actually doing a service to the uni?!

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  20. Efes reach through bedroom windows to post leaflets into student rooms. That’s the problem.

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  21. 4 Mar ’08 at 8:06 pm

    Josh Harnett

    All fast food should be banned. Students should eat healthy food!

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  22. 4 Mar ’08 at 8:23 pm

    Hannah "Burger in a" Bunn

    It’s not far to walk down to Efes. While you’re down there, can you pick me up some more menus? Mine all got recycled.

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  23. I find the use of ‘sic’ in this article extremely patronising.

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  24. [sic] is also normally used when quoting someone from a text. It isn’t needed when quoting someone verbally.

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  25. haha campbell is getting destroyed for using [sic], especially with parentheses. all that habs toffyness goes a long way meight !

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