Battle of the Bands – The Final

Magic P and the Innuendos wowed the crowds in a packed Vanbrugh college on Saturday night, partying their way to success in the Battle of the Bands final. Some have doubts about the band’s ability to enjoy future success due to their lack of a front man, but it didn’t matter on this night, with everyone revelling in what was a fantastic feel-good set. It quickly became obvious that the band was having as much fun as anyone else, striding from one song to another, following a euphoric entrance. The crowd quickly took to their folk music charm, summed up by the band’s comments mid-set of “that was a bit…raucous.”

Magic P were undoubtedly the most entertaining band of the night, largely because they appealed to the entire crowd, something that opening act Girl of Prey can’t be congratulated for. After an extremely vigorous entrance, the lead singer proceeded to expose the chip on his shoulder, yelling, “We fucking told you, fuck all you cunts who doubted us”. Unsurprisingly, much of the crowd were left alienated immediately, leaving only a section at the front to enjoy the performance. The band was made up of impressive musicians and a cover of ‘Soulja Boy’ showed imagination, but they were never truly in the running.

Eventual runners-up Low Flying Flag went down a lot better with the crowd, rocking Vanbrugh in the final set of the night. Kicking from one song straight into the next, their relentless set was extremely popular, although they were perhaps slightly let down by the fact that their sound wasn’t as geared towards pleasing the crowd as Magic P’s. Indeed, the highlight of their set was when the violinist from the eventual winners took to the stage to play with the band. Half a Dog took third place, their jazzy sound complemented by astounding harmonies between the two lead singers. An excellent cover of Amazing Grace was interspersed between impressive slap bass solos, making a unique set overall.

The Hero Status completed the line-up playing fourth, clearly keen on an enjoyable night in their capes, colanders and Sonic t-shirts. An outstanding rendition of the countries of the world was perhaps the highlight, in a performance full of nostalgia (Pokémon!) and good humour. In the end though, Magic P emerged victorious, proving that York is more than capable of producing an astounding night of music. There’s hope for York’s music scene yet.

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