Election Sketch

As the candidates hoist their sails and begin their manoeuvring, the electorate prepare for another swashbuckling, colourful-poster-fest of an election campaign. All of the positions are strongly contested, and it’s a real heavyweight crew. Most experienced of all is Mad Cap’n Tom Scott, whose policies of swashbuckling, keel-hauling and plank-walking makes him the odds-on favourite for President, even if his title will be slightly clunky: ‘YUSU President Mad Cap’n Tom Scott’ will be a pain to fit on one of those shiny metal badges; even more so if he reverts from ‘Cap’n’ to Captain in deference to his new-found position of responsibility.

The race for President looks set to be set to be an exciting one, even if it is somewhat of a sorry state of campus-politics affairs when somebody with the prefix “Mad Cap’n” to their name enters a presidential race and the public response is “finally, a candidate we can identify with.” Or at least, “finally, a candidate who we will pay attention to, if only because he might soon do something funny.” No pressure, Cap’n.

Oddly, the position where actual piracy is being proposed is not blessed with a single pirate candidate. Two out of three candidates for Services and Finance Officer are in favour of boarding the good ship Langwith Bar, cutlasses in hand, and raising the Jolly Badger for YUSU. Whether this is any more feasible than the oft-promised student venue in town remains to be seen, but that could be one of the key make-or-break issues of the campaign. The race for Socs’n’Coms is another one to watch; the AU and DramaSoc candidates going head to head with a YUSU pro.

This years election should be a good one, kids. Grab your popcorn and take a seat.

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