Derwent financial confusion prompts YUSU investigation

Derwent college finances will be investigated as it was revealed to YUSU that funds from last June’s Big D event have gone missing

Derwent college finances will be investigated as it was revealed to YUSU Senate by departing Chair Jamie Tyler that funds from last June’s Big D event, which had been promised to campus welfare society Nightline were reported to have disappeared.

‘The Big D account appears to have no money in it at the moment, we are chasing up where it has gone,’ said Tyler. ‘Yes, it sounds bad. But we are trying to sort it out. It will be sorted, it will be found,’ he continued. The admission was met with large disapproval from the majority of the Senate, with one member describing it as ‘awful’. The committee actioned newly elected Derwent Chair Oliver Lester to examine the financial situation of the event and discover how the shortfall occurred.

Lester will be assisted in his investigation by former Derwent Vice-Chair Liam Baker and former Treasurer James Hambleton. Tyler informed Senate that, as the event was organised entirely by Baker, he was unable to answer any specific questions on the lost money. ‘I appreciate everyone’s concerns. I know it’s a big deal – but it’s something that is out of my hands. The vice chair is solely responsible for Big D. I can’t answer your questions. I’m sorry,’ he said.

Baker, however, confirmed that the money is present in the account and is ready to be paid to Nightline. “This is a fuss about nothing. I can reassure Nightline that they will get their money before the start of next term. We have the money to pay, but are waiting for everything to clear. It’s a long process. The amount that will be donated to charity should be around £4000,” he said. Baker cited factors such as YOUR:Shop sales, payment for damaged equipment and potential refunds from door staff charges as reasons for the delay.

This view was confirmed by Hambleton, who also denied that the event had been financially mismanaged. ‘The money hasn’t gone missing. It is still there. However, there are certain issues that have to be dealt with before the money could be released. We are still waiting for some of these to be rectified,’ he said.

The misplaced donation, thought to be worth up to £ 1,000, is of high importance to Nightline. A society co-ordinator outlined the potential financial difficulties that may arise due to the non-receipt of the money. “We’ve only got our block grant from the union, and were expecting a rather large cash injection. Hence, we did spend in advance on some publicity and improvements. If we don’t get some money, we may run out before the end of the year,” he said.

The issue was raised initially in the weekly meeting by YUSU Training Officer Tom Langrish. He stated: ‘It’s senate’s job to regulate internal affiliates. If one of our affiliates has been promised money, and hasn’t received it, we need to find out what has gone on.’

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