Which bbq food?

Despite the temperamental weather, the British barbeque season is certainly in full swing. If I was at home I would be sitting back, relaxing with a glass of wine in hand and watching my dad successfully light the family barbeque. At university the whole experience is entirely different. My housemate and I were ecstatic when we thought we had managed successfully to light our barbeque a few weeks ago, only to find we had in fact only lit the firelighters. After several more attempts with a lot of charcoal, a dangerous amount of lighter fluid and several matches, we did manage to ‘make fire’ but unimaginatively only cooked burgers and sausages. So, what else is on offer to spice up and add flavour to your barbeque from York’s finest supermarkets?

food: chinese chicken drumsticks
shop: somerfield

Messy, sticky fingers are unavoidable with these, but they are most definitely worth it. Coated in a Chinese-style marinade, these need no ketchup, as the traditional burger and sausage combo does. At two packs for £5, they are surprisingly quite a bargain for the hard-up student.

food: lamb shish kebabs
shop: sainsburys

In York, kebab usually means something you eat after a somewhat heavy night on the walk home from Toffs or Ziggy’s (Efe’s, anyone?) but these lamb shish kebabs are an example of what kebabs should really be like. Delicious when barbequed to perfection, these are a must.

food: corn on the cob
shop: tesco

To add a little nutrition to the barbeque, or for those veggies amongst us, this corn on the cob from Tesco seems perfect. However, the accompanying lime and chilli butter is perhaps a little strong and the price is probably more than I would like to pay for these

food: new york style burgers
shop: tesco

Okay, so burgers may not be the most original barbeque treat, but would it really be the same without them? This pack of 20 burgers for only £2 is an amazing offer and one not to be missed. Not the best-tasting burger I’ve ever eaten, but everything on a barbeque is usually cooked to almost cremation and so skimping slightly on quality doesn’t really matter.

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