Slug and lettuce, 22-26 Back Swinegate

Ave. food price: £7
Ave. drink price: £4


The task of reviewing yet another chain restaurant in York might seem a pointless one. Seen one Wetherspoons, seen them all. However, pleasantly situated on a cobbled street, with Peroni on tap, I approached the prospect of dinner at the Slug and Lettuce with an open-mindedness untarnished by my experiences of this chain; over-priced wine bars that serve food catering to the fad-dieting of their pretentious customers.

When it was time to peruse the menu, my positive attitude deserted me. One should never have to prise open a menu as though it were an adolescent’s dirty magazine. The menu was so soiled it was like a scratch-and-sniff collage .

The food was little better. I ordered a ‘Greek style’ Slug Mezze, which included sweaty mozzarella (that well known Greek cheese) on stale ciabatta (that famous Greek bread), over-marinated olives and a very dry falafel. Yet more inexplicably, sat inelegantly at the side of the platter was a large lump of soft Yorkshire Cheese. And they forgot the houmous.
According to my fellow critics, the puddings were a little better. I, however, was too busy bemoaning the £3.40 I was charged for my Peroni to notice.

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