Rustique, 28 castlegate

Ave. food price: £13
Ave. drink price: £3.50

It is possible to feel rather clueless when confronted with the wide variety of places to eat in York. Being so spoilt for choice, it’s easy to become extremely picky, not wanting to eat at a chain restaurant or spend an extortionate amount at an exclusive bistro.

However, after strolling around for an hour, disregarding many of the city’s finest establishments and left feeling rather hungry, money began to be less of an issue than at the start of the evening. The final choice of Rustique, a French restaurant near Clifford’s Tower, was a good one. I really cannot recommend this restaurant enough.

Inside there is a distinct continental atmosphere, which extends to the menu. I was immediately drawn to the Confit de Canard, a leg of duck served with redcurrant sauce, green beans and pommes dauphinoises. I was not disappointed: the duck was cooked to perfection, the sauce drizzled over enhancing its flavour. With just enough room for dessert, my choice of sticky toffee pudding, though distinctly less French, was definitely the right one. The warm sponge and sweet, sticky sauce were to die for. The bill came to £20, perhaps not the cheapest option, but Rustique proves that sometimes it is worth spending that little bit extra.

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