Oscar’s Bistro, 8 Little stonegate

Ave. food price: £7
Ave. drink price: £2


Coming from a town where ‘Oscars Pizza’ is known for its cheap food and trashy waitresses, I ventured to Little Stonegate’s Bistro and Wine Bar, Oscar’s, with apprehension. I walked through a small brick walkway into a courtyard with patio heaters and vines running along the wall; all rather idyllic and nothing like the low-cost pizza place I was expecting.

The only Italian food on the menu here consisted of a large (and I mean large) portion of garlic bread – possibly the best I’ve ever had. The waitresses were friendly and the candlelit tables and soft sofa seating lured me in. As I took a small peek at the menu, I was drawn to the huge variety of burgers on offer. I picked the ‘Oscars cheese burger’and after a small kerfuffle with the credit card machine due to purchasing a discount card the day before (I recommend one of these to any burger fanatics out there), my meal arrived rather promptly.

The atmosphere and service were first-rate and the portions would be enough to feed a small family, let alone a student with a small ‘forget-to-eat’ sized stomach. A jug of Pimms for £9, serving at least four people, and a burger the size of your face – what more could you ask for?

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