Gert and Henry’s, 4 Jubbergate

Ave. food price: £6
Ave. drink price: £3


Gert and Henry’s looks as quaint, captivating and archaic as every place in York is expected to be. Tucked away down the delightfully named Jubbergate, mostly hidden by the bustling marketplace, this restaurant’s traditional Tudor exterior must draw hordes of tourists expecting to be met and seated by a rickety old Yorkshire man bent over a walking stick. The reality is somewhat different. Once inside this charming little building we were led to our table by a suave, sophisticated, yet very friendly Italian waiter.

Whilst the interior decor continues in the conventional Yorkshire style, the Italian family atmosphere makes a refreshing change. However, this mediterranean ambience has its downsides; upon asking for a jug of Pimms for the three of us we were utterly shocked, appalled even, to be told that what had originally appeared to be a conventional English restaurant did not sell Pimms! What kind of place was this?

The menu continues this clash of cultures with the choice ranging from Italian fish dishes to the mandatory Yorkshire roast. The lunchtime menu is a little easier to navigate, and the option of a steak sandwich was just too good an opportunity to refuse. Informed by the waiter that it could take around fifteen minutes as the steak would be cooked from fresh, we happily sat in the comfortable, relaxed surroundings (although conspicuously without our favourite tipple).

When the food arrived it was mouthwateringly good. Although disappointingly missing the horseradish sauce, the steak was cooked to perfection. The bread and accompanying salad were so fresh, it would be no surprise if they were bought each day from the adjacent market stalls.

Although not what we were expecting from first impressions, and distinctly lacking in Pimms, Gert and Henry’s was ultimately able to successfully satisfy three hungry students with a delicious lunch at a very a reasonable price.

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