List of signatories to Nouse open letter

Alumni and friends of the University
Tony Benn – ex-MP
Simon Stephens – York alumnus and playwright

Supporting Bodies
Gemma Tumelty – President, National Union of Students
Brendan Barber – General Secretary, Trades Union Congress
Dave Prentis – General Secretary, UNISON
Colin Smith – Student RESPECT and Socialist Worker
The Socialist Party
Rob Owen – RESPECT general secretary, Manchester Students’ Union
Ben Matthews – Editor, York Vision
Heidi Blake – Editor, Nouse

Christine Hamilton – Alumnus and Media Personality

“I remember what the porters did for me, so I’m happy to sign and wish the best of luck”

Heads of Departments and Lecturers
Professor Derek Attridge – Head of Department, English and Related Literatures
Professor Ed Corrigan – Head of Department, Maths
Professor Mark Whyte – Head of Department, Health Sciences
Dr. Simon Hardy – lecturer, Biology
Dr. Alison Drew – lecturer, Politics
Dr. Mary Brooks – lecturer, Economics
Dr. Tim Howell – senior lecturer, Music
Pam Wells – research student, Psychology

Matt Mathews – Head of Poltics Department

“York’s attractiveness and reputation to potential students risks being damaged”

Marie Prior – masters student, History of Art
Dr. Andrew Webster – lecturer, Biology
Dr. Elizabeth Buettner – lecturer, History
Jacqui Chainey – lecturer, English as a Foreign Language
David Edwards – lecturer, Politics
Dr. Shelagh Sneddon – lecturer, History
Dr. Jill Murdoch – lecturer, Railway Studies and Transport History
Haleh Afshar – lecturer, Politics
Dr. Roger MacGinty – senior lecturer, Politics
Kate Fisher – Masters student, History of Art
Dr. Stamatoula Panagakou – lecturer, Politics
Chris Copland – senior tutor, English as a Foreign Language
Professor Andrew Monk – lecturer, Psychology
Dr. Mary Garrison – lecturer, History
Dr. Margaret Chard – lecturer, Politics
Dr. Robin Wooffitt – lecturer, Sociology
Professor David Howell – lecturer, Politics

Departmental Administrators
Bill Soden – Academic Programme Manager, English Language Teaching
Marysia Koc – Departmental Administrator, Computer Sciences
Kim Sneddon – Departmental Administrator, Economics
Mary Brooks – Undergraduate Administrator, Economics
Karen Prescott – Undergraduate Administrator, Politics
Andrew Wilkinson – Departmental Administrator, History of Art
Valerie Cresswell – General Administrator, Politics
Angela Bailey – Undergraduate Programs Administrator, History
Sally Carter – Administrator, Politics
Brenda Westrope – Academic Administrator, Psychology
Paul Greenbough – Administrator, Computer Sciences
Hillary Eaude – Departmental Administrator, York Management School

York University Students’ Union
Rich Croker and Colin Hindson –
YUSU President and Communications Officer on behalf of YUSU 2006-07
Micky Armstrong – YUSU President 2005-06
James Alexander – YUSU President 2004-05
Chris Jones – YUSU President 2003-04
Jennifer Winter – GSA President 2006-07
John Rose – YUSU Education and Welfare Officer 2004-05
Stuart Leslie – AU President 2004-05
Verity Radley – YUSU Services Officer 2004-05
Neil Barnes – YUSU Education and Welfare Officer 2004-06

College JCRC Chairs
Jamie Tyler – Derwent JCRC Chair
Louis Wihl – Alcuin JCRC Chair
Won Youn – Langwith JCRC Chair

Ryan Bennett – Vanbrugh College JCRC Chair

“So many staff and students really value the service that the porters provide.”

Alexandra Clark – James JCRC Chair
Ben Wardle – Goodricke JCRC Chair
Tim Day – Halifax President

College Provosts and Administrators
Dr. Carl Thompson – Provost, Wentworth
Ron Weir – Provost, Derwent
Dr. John R. Issitt – Provost, Langwith
Dr. Jane Clarbown – Provost, Goodricke
Kenn Dodd – Provost, James
Susan Dekker – College Administrator, Langwith
Christina Unwin – College Secretary, Derwent
Georgina Heath – College Administrator, Vanbrugh
Sue Lister – College Administrator, Wentworth


  1. 16 Feb ’07 at 4:19 pm

    Arthur J Reeves

    I fully endorse the open letter. The whole situation has been a shambles and heads ought to roll!

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  2. There is a definite feeling amongst a great deal of York University students, me included, that those in charge of university policy are showing increasing disregard for our basic needs and rights. I have been here about a year and a half now, and in that time the university has closed many of our bars for financial reasons, despite the fact that a profit was being made. These are the focal meeting places on campus, and allow students to relax from the otherwise stressful experience that university involves. They have also housed students in appalling accomodation in some parts of campus, where a microwave is essentially all that is available in order to cook food. Furthermore, they have attempted to reduce the amount of hours that departmental offices are open, and are seeking to reduce the amount of staff in this area. The porters crisis is an insult. It seems like a sick attempt to see how far the students can be pushed before a full-scale riot occurs.

    I wish this letter campaign all the success it deserves. The university should be condemned for the gross lack of consideration it is showing its students currently. If the university is solely considering finance, then perhaps it should be reminded that generosity from alumni will not be forthcoming in the following decades if this is how they intend to treat their current undergraduate and postgraduate intake.

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  3. I’m an ex-student at York and the porters were an integral part of my college experience. Is there any way I can sign the letter? My email was emt107.

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  4. I’m a current 3rd year student and am appalled at the way OUR porters are being treated by the University’s so-called “Management”. One of the things which attacted me to York was the collegiate system and the fact there was 24-hour portering. Although I don’t live on campus now, if I did I’d feel really unsafe in my college knowing that the nearest porter was maybe 20 minutes or half an hour away.

    York’s local newspaper, “The Press” has now brought this diabolical situation to the Public’s attention:

    “Representatives from Unison have written to Keith Lilley, the university’s director of facilities management, to air their concerns that staff are being put under too much pressure and even not finding time to eat. Porters claim their workload has radically increased since campus chiefs closed the lodges at Vanbrugh, Derwent and Wentworth colleges, due to staff shortages.”

    These poor guys (and ladies) are having to work shifts lasting 12 hours, and during this time are not even entitled to an hour’s lunch break, the same as other staff would get. 12 hours non-stop covering huge areas with hugely increased responsibility for no extra pay? I ask you, would you do it? Not me!

    Meanwhile, their immediate bosses, the “senior” porters, strut around looking important. Everybody I know is asking “What does a senior porter actually do?” Nobody knows. Not a lot by all accounts.

    Try asking them, and even Ken Batten and Keith Lilley, to work the same hours covering the same areas as the poor porters are being forced to do. Stress? They wouldn’t know the meaning of the word.

    So before something serious happens, please listen to our plea. We all want our OWN porters back in our OWN colleges. Back to where they belong.

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  5. Hi

    I would like to add my support to the Save our Porters Campaign.

    I was a student at the Univeristy for 4 years, a sabbatical in 1999, and have worked as a Publications Adminstrator since.

    Ange Davison

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