The Black Bull, Hull Road


ave. food price: £3.50
Ave. drink price: £2

Right in the heart of student-land, the Black Bull is ideally placed to become the new Charles or Deramore once you’ve moved off campus. The pub is split up into a formal restaurant (don’t bother) and a slouchy area of squishy sofas and chairs to sink into. Before 4pm it is generally swarming with an odd mix of children and pensioners, but once they’re gone it is relaxed, comfortable and well worth a visit.

Food is cheap with large portions; the cheesy nachos starter was certainly enough for two. I had a barbecue burger stack, served with chips and a side salad – not exactly haute-cuisine but for a baked bean-abused palate it hit the spot. It was standard pub fare but for only £3.45 it was a great deal. They also offer two meals for £6 available between 2.30pm and 6pm on weekdays. As you would expect, the menu includes all the usual suspects, including the Kaiser Soze soup.

If you’re looking to warm-up before a night of debauchery, Monday’s discount offers (£1.50 a pint rather than £1.80) makes the Black Bull the obvious choice for the financially challenged. New additions to the drinks menu make it a great time to check out the Bull – just go steady on the sickly sweet Baileys Chocolate Cup!


  1. After ordering a meal at the bar, I sat down to be served my dish almost immediately. Very impressive… until I discovered the meat was still frozen. Upon pointing this slip-up to the waitress, I received a replacement… 30 minutes later, after all my friends had finished their meals. Having explained to the manager the shortcomings in his establishment, I received a refund for my meal (rightly so, although I was expecting a bit more). That’ll be the last time I eat anything there! Even Wetherspoons, with its undersized kitchen and dodgy stock management, is more attractive.

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  2. A bit disappointing as both a restaurant and a pub.

    As a pub, prices are OK but not a single hand-pulled ale available. Smiths keg had to do. Red wine also a little bit acidic-tasting.

    As a restaurant, again, prices are OK but don’t expect your food to come as you ordered it. Medium-rare in the BB is like very well done anywhere else. Medium in the BB is like eating charcoal. Mixed grills also leave your mouth very dry, so be sure to have plenty of sauces at the ready.

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