Spoof letters spark University enquiry

THE UNIVERSITY of York is carrying out a “confidential investigation” into the running of Derwent College on the strength of spoof letters written by a student to a number of national figures.

The Derwent student sent letters to Tony Blair, the Queen, the BBC, John Grogan, MP for Selby, and Costcutter under the psuedonym ‘Julian Bassey’, complaining that the college continues to “violently ignore” his letters about Derwent’s kitchen facilities.

In his letters, he complains about being a resident of Derwent College, “one that lacks any cooking facilities at all.” He goes on to say he is being “treated like a subhuman” and that the only support the college has given him is “tax-free Ainsley Harriott Cous-Cous in one flavour. This is unacceptable. This is very unhealthy.”

‘Bassey’ has received a number of replies, including letters from 10 Downing St. and the Department for Education and Skills. Neither were able to help him. The BBC, however, read the letter with “great interest” and requested an interview. ‘Bassey’ has yet to reply.

Derwent College is now withholding all mail addressed to ‘Bassey’, including one which is thought to be from Buckingham Palace. Having apparently been alarmed by the content of the intercepted replies, the University is carrying out an internal confidential investigation aiming to ascertain if there was any truth in the obviously satirical letters. How the University became privy to the contents of a sealed envelope remains unclear. ‘Bassey’ has since discontinued his letter campaign, saying he is now satisfied with the kitchen conditions.

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  1. 10 May ’07 at 2:06 am

    Oliver Lester

    Whoever wrote these letters was a naughty, naughty boy.

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