Relationships: Contemporary Sculpture, at York Art Gallery until 13 May

Something exciting is happening at York Art Gallery. That may sound like a contradiction in terms, but it’s true. The new exhibition ‘Relationships’ features artists you might actually have heard of (including several Turner Prize nominees) and is a great way to spend an hour basking in your cultural up-to-dateness. It’s small, accessible and refreshingly short on those facetious, self-satisfied, ‘clever’ offerings that you often find in exhibitions of this nature (“Look, a bed! I put it here myself!”). Work from the Hayward Gallery in London features alongside the gallery’s own pieces, all dealing with the relationships between various aspects of modern sculpture. Highlights include Rachel Whiteread’s ‘Six Spaces’, exploring the idea of negative space through the casting of the spaces under six chairs, and Lawrence Burt’s ‘Monument’, which takes the idea of a monument such as Nelson’s Column and miniaturises it. With contributions from Damien Hirst and Sarah Lucas, this is one of the most important exhibitions held here in recent years. Even if contemporary art isn’t your thing, this good, small-scale taster might just convert you.

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