Ave. food price: N/A
Ave. drink price: £2.50

I’d forgotten to put the lid on the smoothie maker again. Covered in banana residue and in a state of strawberry confusion, I remembered that I could enjoy both the fruity goodness and alcoholic privileges of a fruit beer courtesy of KoKo, York’s newest watering hole.

Students are always counting their pennies and comparing prices (http://www.lovemoney.com/), but they also have demands for their drinking haunts. The atmosphere needs to be warm, inviting. The drinks list should be varied, interesting and affordable. The music should be good and preferably live! Not many bars tick all the boxes.

Okay, Fruli may not count towards my five-a-day, but it went down an absolute treat. The international bar lived up to its name by providing a wide selection of beers and spirits from around the world; I was highly amused by the prospect of buying some Knob Creek. Misguided by my own amusement, I realised that although this bar may have an excellent range of funny sounding alcoholic beverages, it had missed a real opportunity to endorse the ‘international factor’; in actual fact, the only thing international about it was the owner and it’s drinks. I just couldn’t decide what it was trying to be. The modern-looking booths only served to make me feel uneasy, forcing me to sit bolt upright, as if reminding me that I wasn’t supposed to stay for long.

Despite my qualms, I will be going to KoKo again. It will have to up its game to stay busy but it has the potential to do great things, even if it is just with fruit beer.

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