In defence of Christian sensibilities

Dear Nouse,

I wish to respond to your article, “Religious protest over gay rights” by defining the concequences of passing the Sexual Orientation Regulations (SORs).

In Northern Ireland, you can be prosecuted for ‘harassment’ towards a homosexual person by allegedly ‘violating their dignity’. The Department for Education and Skills’ guidelines, ‘Stand up for us. Challenging homophobia in schools”, aims to fight “heterosexism”; “…the presumption that everyone is heterosexual” as “individuals…[and] lifestyles are categorised [by] a heterosexual model.’ Therefore a school could be prosecuted by a teacher assuming that a male pupil would be seeking a girlfriend. A Christian teacher in a Christian school telling pupils that the norm is, let alone should be, marriage between a man and a woman also falls into this category.

Homosexuals are legally protected from being ‘harassed’; where does the law prevent Christian sensibilities from being abridged? We endure discrimination daily yet most do not seek laws against it. Some gay rights lobbyists are enemies of freedom of speech.

Thomas Cahill
Langwith College

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