Fairness and charity

Our heartiest congratulations go out to York RAG on their record-breaking RAG week. The total raised represents a spectacular achievement for all those involved. It is unfortunate, however, that a sour note had to be struck by the merchandising for the Viking Raid II. As part of the Students’ Union of a University that has worked hard to obtain fair trade status, it is unforgivable that goods could be purchased from a company well known, even on campus, for unethical trade conduct.

This is the same YUSU team whose main brief it is to uphold the very charter in which the pledge to fair trade is enshrined. It is doubly unforgivable that similar oversights happened two terms in a row. It is absolutely no excuse that by the time the issue was addressed the products would not have been delivered in time. The Students’ Union must resolve in the future to have more foresight in ordering ethical products in good time for planned events.

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