Editor’s Comment: The Film-Making Soc

Each term, the York Filmmaking Society produces a number of high-quality short and feature-length films, made on a shoestring budget by a student cast and crew.

This time around, the society is doing some exciting work. One film investigates the nature of fiction and the artist’s struggle to realise his or her place in a world increasingly averse to the imagination, while others have slightly lighter ambitions.

So far this term, the Filmmaking Society has made Angel Wings, Puppet Master Soc, and Tomorrow’s Superstars, amongst others.

Angel Wings involves a writer suffering a crisis of confidence, who decides that his success is due to the intervention of a guardian angel, and fears he will not be capable of surviving alone.
Puppet Master Soc features a conspiracy theory that alleges the government is controlled by a group of ‘ooglatis’ and uncovers a most terrifying truth: they control Filmmaking Soc. The trauma of change and growing up is the central theme of Tomorrow’s Superstars, as a group of 20-somethings are followed through the dreams of their youth into the harsh reality of the world at large.

For those with cinematic ambition, there are still plenty of opportunities to get involved with the society this term, which shoots throughout the year. This week, casting will be held for the fascinating new film Red Light. The plot is driven by a request from the lead character’s psychiatrist that he keep a video diary to monitor his emotions. The diary documents his growing depression as he loses his job and finds his girlfriend sleeping with his best friend. Featuring intense dialogue and gripping drama, it is worth getting involved in this project.
Contact Dominique at [email protected] to get on board.

Also currently casting is Immortality, a dark 20-minute glimpse into a future in which ageing has been eliminated. Influenced by retro sci-fi and modern westerns, it tells a gripping story of three men whose lives are about to change. For casting information, get in touch with [email protected]

All films made this year will be played at a special viewing at CityScreen at the end of the summer term, and then recorded onto DVD. For more information about making or acting in student cinema, the society’s website is www.filmisthetruth.co.uk

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