A slice of the sausage?

Dear Nouse,

I am surprised that York Vision has not yet properly addressed our concerns on the closure of many portering lodges. Their latest edition merely contained a short article entitled “Croker: 24 hour portering must stay”.

From the very start of this term, the University’s admin, in the name of lack of staff, has closed several colleges’ receptions with a promise of reopening them after Easter. But recent developments clearly show that they are testing our reaction by ’slicing the sausage’. If we remain silent on this matter, the reopening in April may merely be a lip service; the shut-downs might become permanent and a further reduction of facilities will follow.

Porters are important to our security and welfare and a facility promised in the prospectus before we chose to apply to this so-call ‘collegiate university’.

Please can both student newspapers have a proper response to this matter?

Jack Chen
PhD student

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