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What we asked Vanbrugh…

1. Do you think SU officers playing freshers’ bingo is something worth worrying about?
2. Should arms companies be allowed to recruit on campus?
3. Are you at all concerned about campus security?
4. What are your feelings on the quality of teaching at York?

Luke Brazier
English & Philosophy

1. I can see it could have been a joke; but with their responsibility, you’d have expected something different.
2. Seems to be a matter of freedom of speech versus pacifism. I’m a big supporter of both.
3. Never had problems myself.
4. My lecturers are varied. Some are insightful, but one turned up late, was unprepared, and taught us next to nothing.

Tamsin Urquhart

1. I think it’s all a bit cliché, and rather pathetic.
2. The University shouldn’t be expected too have ethical obligations: if people want to choose to do something like that, they should be able to.
3. I can’t comment, as I haven’t lived on campus since my first year.
4. I’ve always thought that English is taught really well.

Mark Kelleher

1. I think it would be funny if it were played on them.
2. I don’t think arms manufacturers should be allowed on campus at all: it’s a real shame we’re bankrolling our education out to private enterprise.
3. Never, ever go to Halifax.
4. I feel the teaching is good, but I’m glad this study has come up, as it’ll stop academics from resting on their laurels.

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