Which Tapas?

Are you the sort of person that avoids restaurants to prevent an outbreak of dreaded “meal envy”, when you decide that the food you have chosen simply isn’t as good as that of your dining companion? Do you feel frustrated living in a society that declares that it is simply not good manners to reach over and help yourself to someone’s food as they are eating it? If you are afflicted by any of these problems, then fear not! Help is at hand in the form of Melton’s Too tapas, where each item is £2.50 on a Monday night on presentation of a valid NUS card. Alternatively buy any bottle of wine between 5-7pm and any tapas is also £2.50!

Prawn and Whitby Smoked Salmon Salad: 7.5 /10.

The smoked salmon was thick, firm and had a decadent slippery saltiness that was indulgent to the extreme. The prawns were a good size, being large enough to use in order to give your fellow diner a reprimanding rap across the knuckles as they hogged the rest of the tapas. The paprika dressing was a good touch, balancing out the delicate flavour of the fish.

Battered Squid With a Chilli Dip: 9/10.

The squid provoked a little squeak from one of the more squeamish members of the editorial team, but this dish turned out to be the surprise hit of the session. The squid was firm and not rubbery, the batter was buttery and melty, and the chilli dip was searingly sweet and left a pleasant burning sensation on our collective tasting tongue.

Courgette Fritter with Feta and Walnut Sauce: 7/10.

This got a Marmite-type response from the tasting team, not because it was made from yeast, but because opinions tended towards a love so intense it verged upon vegephilia, or a hate so great that some of us believed we were being poisoned. The presentation was excellent as the sliced courgette was laid out to look delicious, green and appetising (some of us thought this was a cruel deception) and fans praised the subtle flavour and texture of the dressing.

Deep Fried Polenta and Hummus: 5/10.

The polenta is coated in golden batter and tastes like an up-market hash brown. Sadly the hummus lacked flavour, texture and depth, but the polenta worked well when submerged in the leftover chilli dip.

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