Ugly, Constance Briscoe


Similar in plot to Dave Pelzer’s A Child Called It, this personal memoir gives a harrowing account of a young girl growing up surrounded by extreme abuse. At times upsetting, Briscoe relives her childhood and allows us to witness her growth from a terrified child into a strong and brave new woman. This story of courage and willpower is a must for anyone who enjoys a good read.

The humour with which Briscoe tells her story is made even more shocking when juxtaposed with descriptions of extreme sexual abuse and neglect, and a gripping plot-line. Although it’s impossible to help becoming emotionally engaged, the narrative falls a little short with a somewhat stilted writing style and a poorly-structured account of events, which spoils the effect somewhat.

Briscoe’s ability to detach herself emotionally from the ritual humiliation she recounts will sicken and disturb you and you may finish the book with a sigh of relief that the ordeal, for you at least, is over.

A tale of bravery and inspiration, this book is well worth a read as long as you are prepared for some shocking revelations.

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  1. Sounds like this one might have a happier ending than A Child Called It.

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