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Dear Nouse,

I am disgusted to hear that the University of Manchester’s Student Direct has been the victim of a ‘coup’ perpetrated by an alliance of thier Islamic Society and the Socialist Workers’ Party. Consequently, the paper’s content has degenerated into a barely literate combination of paranoid Islamo-fascist rantings and ill-informed middle-class pseudo-revolutionary rhetoric.

Amidst the uproar over the DfES’s prposed covert surveillance of ‘Asian-looking’ students by academics, it is ironic to note how easily the student paper of the country’s largest university has been taken over by extremists. Not only was a complete novice with ‘no journalistic experience’ installed as editor, but experienced staff members have been forced out admidst accusations regarding the editor’s ‘bodyguards’ and ‘cronies’. Views which are in opposition to that of the Editor are now banned: the letters page has been removed (not to mention the sex column).

Apparently, spelling, punctuation and grammar have fallen to appallingly low standards, and much of the paper’s material is plagiarised.

Disappointingly, it seems that only two student newspapers have covered the story: Cardiff’s Gair Rhydd and Cambridge’s Varsity. Where is Nouse’s sense of solidarity with its fellow student journalists?


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